A History of Violence

Theatrical Release: September 23, 2005
DVD Release: March 14, 2006
A History of Violence


Tom Stall (Viggo Mortensen) is a family man living a quiet life in the small town of Millbrook. His life consists of running a local diner and supporting his wife, Edie (Maria Bello), and their two children. His American dream is shattered when two evil men attempt to rob his diner and threaten to kill a waitress. In a moment of terror, Tom responds with courageous resolve to take the bad guys out, which he does with shocking and bloody efficiency. He suddenly becomes a local hero. Unfortunately, he also draws attention from Philadelphia mobsters who believe that Tom is actually Joey Cusack, a former Mafia hit man. A trio of mobsters invades Millbrook and terrorizes Tom’s family. One of the mobsters, Carl Fogaty (Ed Harris), asks Tom’s wife why her husband is so good at killing people. Could it be that Tom has a past that he has left behind?

Dove Review

This film should have been NC 17 in my opinion. It was so graphic in the sex and violence areas which really ruined the film for me. What could have been a somewhat interesting plot became secondary in scope and importance to the showing of soft pornographic sex scenes and gruesome violence.

I found nothing redeeming or uplifting in the film. As a matter of fact the plot was so far fetched in how the gangsters dealt with finding Joey and what they were going to do to him, that it was laughable.

If you have a history of enjoying the movie going experience then you might want to stay clear of this one.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Way too much and way too graphic. Soft porn.
Language: Way over the top. d-1; a- 2; slang for woman's vagina; slang for man's penis; b-4, SOB-2; s-cking 1; f-word-12; s-word-8; good L; JC; J 4; GD-5
Violence: Way too much and way too graphic.
Drugs: Kids smoking pot; bar scene with some drinking.
Nudity: Man's bottom shown; woman show naked (full frontal shot); woman lifts up skirt and reveals her crotch to husband.
Other: None


Company: New Line Cinema
Producer: Chris Bender
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 94 min.
Reviewer: Dave Lukens