Turn Four (Manuscript)



Retired national race car champion Johnny Poppadaira, and his eight-year-old grandson Joey Sears, learn that their local speedway site has been sold. The buyer is a wealthy recycle corporation that promises a hundred new jobs to their depressed community of Sanders, but has ulterior motives to receive and process toxic waste. Joey stows away to enlist help from a current top national driver, Sonny Dean, to save the speedway and their town.

Dove Review

The story portrayed in this manuscript is a compelling if somewhat predictable one. There are really two story lines, one dealing with auto racing and the other about a big, evil company taking over a small town. Through the eyes of a young boy, Joey Sears, we get a peek into the racing industry with its heroes and villains. When the local racetrack is shut down, Joey’s world is turned upside down. With the help of his retired race car driving grandfather and his grizzly old buddies, Joey is taken on the ride of his life while trying to save the town. Although some of the plot twists are a little far fetched, I definitely envision the racing scenes adding a very exciting visual edge to the story.

I did enjoy reading this manuscript and felt kinship with the town against the developer and their malicious intent. The characters are very likable, although some are not fully developed. Although I am growing weary of plots that are missing one parent or the other, it is interesting to see how Joey’s need for a father is met by his grandfather and his famous car-driving hero.

There is a huge market for auto racing and everything NASCAR. Many families have an allegiance to one particular racer and spend their weekends together watching or attending races. If this manuscript were made into a film, whether on television, direct to video or major studio, it could definitely be an enjoyable family-friendly day at the movies.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Men “entertaining ladies” in their motor home.
Language: H-4; Geez-1.
Violence: Two men are “jumped” (not shown).
Drugs: none
Nudity: none
Other: Serious car crash could be scary for children.


Company: Marsha Getchell
Genre: Drama
Reviewer: Julie Kemme