The Pink Panther (2006)

Theatrical Release: February 10, 2006
DVD Release: June 13, 2006
The Pink Panther (2006)


In the action-packed comedy “The Pink Panther,” the bumbling Inspector Clouseau (Steve Martin) takes on his most important case ever.

World famous soccer coach Yves Gluant has just led Team France to victory over Team China. Surrounded by grateful adoring fans with his beautiful lover, the international pop star Xania (Beyonce’ Knowles), at his side, Gluant is felled by a poison dart. In the ensuing panic, Gluant’s priceless diamond ring, “The Pink Panther,” mysteriously disappears.

The murder becomes a media sensation and a national obsession. Cracking the case falls to Chief Inspector Dreyfus (Kevin Kline), who is up for the prestigious Medal of Honor — for the seventh time. Aware that he cannot afford to make a single mistake — at least none that can be attributed to him — Dreyfus presses the indefatigable Inspector Clouseau into service.

Clouseau and his new assistant, the steadfast, stoic Gendarme Gilbert Ponton (Jean Reno), follow a tangle of clues that leads them all over Paris and, eventually, New York City.

Dove Review

This film is hilarious in spots, with Steve Martin’s bumbling Inspector Clouseau revealing how inept he can be at one moment, and yet brilliant in other moments. The audience I viewed the film with roared at times as the inspector made note of such things as a murder victim “falling perfectly between the chalk lines,” and mentioning how great the breeze felt following a character’s plunge through a hospital window on a movable bed. This film is recommended for ages twelve and up as the sexual innuendo is evident from time to time. I gave it three Doves and would have given it four had this element been a bit more toned down. Yet, it is funny and it’s refreshing that it does not inundate the viewer with profanity.

Editor’s Note: According to a recent article published in the Los Angeles Times, Sony movie chief Amy Pascal ordered numerous cuts in the film, including references to oral sex and erectile dysfunction. She also approved an additional $5 million to re-shoot certain scenes and re-edit others.

Congratulations Sony and Amy for taking the extra time and effort to make this a family film that Dove can approve.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Sexual innuendos scattered here and there.
Language: H-2; B-1; crude reference to male genitalia.
Violence: Murders and fights and poison darts but nothing graphic.
Drugs: Smoking and drinking.
Nudity: Cleavage.
Other: None


Company: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Writer: Len Blum and Steve Martin
Director: Shawn Levy
Producer: Robert Simonds
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 93 min.
Starring: Steve Martin, Kevin Kline, Beyoncé Knowles
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter