North Country – Filtered

Theatrical Release: October 21, 2005
DVD Release: February 21, 2006
North Country – Filtered


In this fictionalized account of a landmark sexual harassment case won in 1984 in northern Minnesota, the divorced Josey Aimes (Charlize Theron) with her two children moves in with her parents after being beaten again by her husband. Due to a strained relationship with her father, she moves out and finds work at the local mine. But the mines are dominated by men who make life miserable for the scared female employees. The sexual harassment begins on her first day and is nonstop throughout the movie. When Josey complains to the owner of the company, she is angered to find that she has been labeled a promiscuous troublemaker and takes her grievances to court with the aid of a hometown attorney (Woody Harrelson). In the courtroom, she faces stiff opposition and is forced to testify about being raped in high school. Courageously standing alone, Josey hopes that others will eventually join her to finally stop the harassment.

Dove Review

Although “North Country” was based on a true story, the amount of adult content doesn’t make it a family friendly movie. The movie was very choppy and hard to follow in some parts because the sexual harassment parts are filtered out. There is also quite a bit of drinking, and when the woman’s teenage son gets drunk, she just puts him to bed with nothing else said about it. Also, Grandpa asks mom “Do you want to be a lesbian?” Granddaughter answers, ”I want to be a lesbian.” On the plus side, the movie captured the feel of the Minnesota Iron Range lifestyle and accents and it was good to learn about this historic court case. Still, it fails to receive Dove’s approval.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Guy and girl kiss, some sexual harassment is shown- verbal harassmentl and a guy cornering a lady, talk about guys grabbing at the women, talk about rape.
Language: D-1
Violence: A woman is shown with a black eye and bloody mouth after an implied beating, guy punches another guy in a bar.
Drugs: Main character drunk in a bar, son is drunk with no consequence, other people drunk, men and women smoking.
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: Warner Bros. Publications
Writer: Clara Bingham (book), Michael Seitzman (screenplay)
Director: Niki Caro
Producer: Nana Greenwald
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 126 min.
Reviewer: Sarah Bennor