Pro Wrestling Kids Style (Book)

Book Release: January 1, 2009
Pro Wrestling Kids Style (Book)


In 1984, a new wrestling league was formed. “The Kids’ Quad Cities Pro Wrestling Show” started out as fun and games, but soon grew into thousands of living rooms all across the country through Cable TV and was known as NWF Wrestling. And as a result, the National Wrestling Federation took Kids’ Pro Wrestling to a whole new level.

For five years, the NWF was managed and promoted by a young and ambitious kid named Shawn Crossen, or as Crusher Crossen in the ring. In 1984, Shawn was just 14 years old, but by 1986 he was promoting matches at live venues where hundreds would pay admission to see the shows all across the Twin Cities metro area from school gymnasiums to local armory halls.

But going from bed mattresses in a basement to live public cards in a professionally-sized wrestling ring did not come easy – it took years to accomplish with many obstacles along the way, yet somehow they managed to do the impossible. And all the while, this league had positive community support with several newspaper articles written about them, long before any “backyard” type wrestling leagues ever existed.

The wrestling show they produced on Cable TV was a popular attraction to kids and adults alike, and seemed as though it would last forever. But an outside force would interfere, causing the dismantling of what once was a milestone in the history of professional wrestling.

Dove Review

Shawn “Crusher” Crossen has written a wonderful book telling his story of the kids’ style of pro wrestling. He gives many details of the ideas, how the league got started, and what went into making the cable show. He tells about the boys involved, where they came from, where they went and what some are doing now. This is great reading for the youngsters that are interested in pro wrestling.

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Violence: Discussions about what went on in wrestling.
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Company: C and F Services, Inc.
Genre: Documentary
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe