Theatrical Release: August 11, 2006


Based on the Japanese horror movie “Kairo,” “Pulse” centers on a group of college students who discover that a computer hacker friend of theirs unwittingly pirated a strange wireless signal that opened a doorway for a terrifying evil to cross over into the world. As it spreads, everyone in its path is consumed, and the students must race to find a way to stop it.

Dove Review

“Pulse” is yet another example of the craze for American remakes of Japanese horror movies. Like “The Ring” and “The Grudge” before it, “Pulse” explores the idea of ghosts and the supernatural; however, in “Pulse” the ghosts have found a new point of access into the world of the living – cell phones and computers. As you might imagine, this film is filled with frightening imagery and themes that are not appropriate for young children. I will say, however, that the “Pulse” does not use blood or gore at all, but instead uses dim lighting and creepy images to frighten the audience. This is very refreshing, as filming as much blood and gore as possible seems to be a trademark of the modern horror movie. Still, peoples’ lives are being sucked out of them by the ghosts, and then their skin starts to rot, and eventually they disintegrate. Due to this frightening imagery and some of the characters’ behaviors, “Pulse” cannot be approved by Dove.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Woman kisses her boyfriend; woman wakes up in her underclothes in bed next to a male friend.
Language: F-1; S-5; D-1; H-3; GD-1; A-2
Violence: Ghosts suck life out of people; man puts a gun to his head; man hangs himself.
Drugs: People smoke cigarettes about 3 times; people drink beer twice.
Nudity: Several cleavage shots; women in their underclothes a couple of times.
Other: Frightening imagery including ghosts; a mostly dead cat; peoples' skin turning black; man dissolving into a wall; people disintegrating into black ash; scary images on computer screens; a ghost in woman's bathwater.


Company: Dimension Films
Writer: Kiyoshi Kurosawa and Wes Craven
Director: Jim Sonzero
Producer: Michael Leahy
Genre: Horror
Runtime: 90 min.
Reviewer: Samantha Kubik