The Young Messiah UAT

Theatrical Release: May 28, 2021
DVD Release: May 28, 2021
The Young Messiah UAT


I tell you, chaos rules, and I am ITS PRINCE!” the demon growls.

The whole affair feels more promising than presentable, with unruly costumes and a Holy Land where no one sweats and no garment ever seems to get dirty.

The direction, by Cyrus Nowrasteh (“The Stoning of Soroya M.”) lacks urgency or art. The performances are, for the most part, emotionally flat.

Believers may relish hearing “The Lord’s Prayer” chanted as the refugee family makes its way through a gauntlet of crucified criminals, or in catching Sarah (Jane Lapotaire) pepper her speech with quotations from The King James Version.

But discriminating movie-goers will do their due diligence and compare “The Young Messiah” to “Risen,” and wonder why Focus Features didn’t spend a little more money and get it right.

Dove Review

Take a breathtaking journey into a year in the life of “The Young Messiah”. What was Jesus like as a kid? How do you explain what He went through to become who He is and was? Miracles are in this movie – A question-asking young boy who truly didn’t know the power He would later use to save the souls of the Earth. Jesus is played by a beautiful young boy who is very good in his role. With his parents (Mary and Joseph), they flee the town they are in.
On their journey, young Jesus begins to learn and do things He doesn’t quite understand at first – Jesus as a child is so amazing because even with my being a Christian, it didn’t make me look at Jesus any different than I do now (with respect and love) – Forgiveness was yet to be known – but Jesus was more than a forgiver, even as a child – Watch what happens and go see the movie – It’s worth a watch.

The Dove Take

“The Young Messiah” has little urgency to its chase, and bloodless crucifixions on crosses that look like props from community theater Passion Plays.

But it does have a couple of electric moments. Jesus, tested by rabbis who would be his teacher, flummoxes them with his Torah knowledge and seven year old logic. And in confronting the terror (Satan) that only he sees, Jesus faces his first Real test — evil that wants to thwart his destiny.

Content Description

Faith: There’s a Messiah under every tree, every rock.”
Integrity: They’re not spending a lot of money on these, but usually, that doesn’t show.
Language: “How do you explain God to His own Son?”


Company: QaTest001, QaTest002, QaTest003
Writer: Cyrus Nowrasteh Betsy Giffen Nowrasteh[1].
Director: Cyrus Nowrasteh
Producer: Michael Barnathan Chris Columbus Tracy K. Price Mark Radcliffe Mark W. Shaw.
Genre: Biography Christmas Devotional
Runtime: 160 min.
Starring: Adam Greaves-Neal.
Reviewer: Alex Lukens