Conni and the Cat

Theatrical Release: August 27, 2021
DVD Release: September 7, 2021


Conni’s cat Mau follows her on her kindergarten trip, causing mayhem, confusion and laughs. The children are kept busy hiding Mau from the teachers, tracking down a thief and saving a raccoon in an ancient castle’s mill.

Dove Review

Conni, a kindergartener, has an unbreakable bond with her cat, Mau. She never sleeps without him. So, when Conni takes a trip to a castle with her class, naturally, she asks if Mau can go too. That her parents said no may discourage the little girl but not the frisky feline, which  unknown to everybody else, finds a way to sneak into the bus’ cargo hold.

The misdeed can’t be hidden for long, and it’s necessary for all the mischief and mayhem to follow, especially when a raccoon named Oscar gets blamed for things that go bump in the night, or worse, when things go missing.

Oscar belongs to a little boy named Luca, who is the son of the innkeeper and seems to have problems making friends. That’s reflected in his prickly demeanor, but Conni tries to be friendly to him anyway. When Oscar is sentenced to a petting zoo because of all the problems it seems like he’s causing, Conni nobly confesses that the culprit is her cat, even when the adults don’t want to believe it.

The kids have to find a way to save Oscar, corral Mau and prove both innocent of stealing the things that disappear. While this isn’t a faith cartoon, the children show admirable qualities in owning up to their own misdeeds and making sure the innocent aren’t wrongly blamed. It merits the Dove-approved Seal for All Ages. 

The Dove Take

A conniving cat and a rascally raccoon create the stage for misadventure, but also provide a platform for kids to behave honorably.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: Conni refuses to let Luca be blamed for mischief he didn't commit, even though it results in her being grounded.
Sex: None
Violence: None
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: Cinedigm
Genre: Animated
Runtime: 76 min.
Reviewer: Darryl M.