Blue Moon Ball



Grace Montague, a writer on the verge of losing her book contract, returns to her hometown to finish her final novel. However, upon arriving home, she finds her first love, Sean, desperate to save the town’s historic ballroom and needs her help in writing the proposal before the night of the rare Blue Moon Ball.

Dove Review

Great cinematography, perfect music, onscreen chemistry between the lovely Ashley Newbrough and the charming Eric Lutz, all make for a beautiful love story that almost didn’t happen. But thanks to a few life mishaps allowing two people meant for each other to push the “rewind” button and revisit lost feelings, love prevails, and this delightful movie is Dove approved for all ages.

Grace Montague (Ashley Newbrough) is being read the riot act by her publisher.  She had better come up with a good ending to this third book of her trilogy, or her contract is cancelled. Her mom is thrilled she is coming home to finish her book and just in time for the Blue Moon Ball.  When she finds out the beautiful ballroom is about to be torn down and accidentally encounters Sean (Eric Lutz), her first love, who is desperately wanting to find a way to save it from becoming a shopping mall, sparks fly. Sean is visibly mesmerized. 

Sean’s girlfriend, Heather (Leah N. H. Philpott) is the push behind the mall and Sean is hurt that her attitude completely overrides his feelings about preserving the prestigious ballroom that means so much to the townspeople. Despite her mission to get those last pages written and off to the publisher, Grace is determined to help Sean find a way to declare the ballroom a historical site.

As Sean and Grace work together, there is a rekindling of old feelings, and Heather’s determination to finally make something of herself takes an unexpected twist when Grace is the one that provides her that opportunity.

The Dove Take

Love lost, with regrets, is always painful but finding a way to turn back time and make it right, is sweeter than sweet!

Content Description

Faith: None evident, but characters are kind and caring and community-minded
Integrity: Grace is true to her promises and makes good things happen for everyone; Sean is loyal to the community and to the people relying on him; Grace’s mom is supportive, encouraging, and understanding.
Sex: Gentle kisses and hugs; woman calls her boyfriend “baby-boo”
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: Drinks at the Blue Moon Ball; no abuse of alcohol or inappropriate behavior.
Nudity: None


Company: Nasser Group North
Writer: Screenplay by Helen Marsh, Zer Gonzales; Story by Joseph Nasser
Producer: Jack Nasser
Genre: Romance
Runtime: 95 min.
Starring: Ashley Newbrough, Eric Lutz, Leah H. H. Philpott, Jon Briddell, Lisa Long
Reviewer: Carole H.