When A Stranger Calls (2006) – Filtered

Theatrical Release: February 3, 2006
DVD Release: May 16, 2006
When A Stranger Calls (2006) – Filtered


A hundred miles away from the scene of a grizzly murder in small town America, Jill Johnson (Camilla Belle) settles in for a routine night of babysitting. With the children sound asleep and a beautiful home to explore, she locks the door and sets the alarm. But when a series of eerie phone calls from a STRANGER insists that she “check the children,” Jill panics. Fear escalates to terror when she has the calls traced. And what the police find turns the perfect babysitting job into a 16-year-old’s worst nightmare…

Dove Review

When I sat down to watch this film I was ready to be scared. It never happened. The film reminded me of when I was younger and would babysit, and every noise I heard would totally freak me out and in watching this film it looks like you are watching someone freak herself out. I thought the film was boring although the girl’s fear ended up being justified. Something I didn’t understand and I kept asking myself throughout the film is how many times is the phone going to ring before something happens, and if you know that this guy keeps calling you why do you keep answering the phone? The acting was REALLY bad. Was there anything good about this move? Well, let me see. The house that the girl was babysitting in was awesome. I wouldn’t mind owning it. The violence knocks this film out of Dove’s approval arena.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: Girl shown dead on bathroom floor, and lady shown dead in pond, and man tries to drown girl. Girl is attacked by man and is choked. Man's hand is stabbed.
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: Sony/Screen Gems
Director: Simon West
Producer: John Davis
Genre: Horror
Runtime: 88 min.
Reviewer: Debbie Satala