Dumb and Dumber – Filtered

Theatrical Release: December 16, 1994
DVD Release: January 3, 2006


Lloyd Christmas (Jim Carrey) is a loser taxi driver, who tries to return a suitcase, which contains a lot of money, to its owner. The owner is a beautiful woman named Marry Swanson (Lauren Holly) whom he previously took in his taxi to the airport. He must return the suitcase, and he takes along his partner Harry Dunne (Jeff Daniels), to a snowy town named Aspen. A pair of criminals who want the money attempts to follow them and steal the money in the suitcase. Moreover, Harry and Lloyd both fall in love with Marry, and they struggle to win her heart.

Dove Review

Although Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels are fantastic as far as physical comedy goes, “Dumb and Dumber” is filled from start to end with crude humor that is not appropriate for kids. This crude “comedy” includes things like a cop drinking urine, accidentally feeding a guy some rat poison, a scene with a super laxative taking effect, guys in underwear and an implied homosexual encounter in a bathroom.

On the plus side, it is hilarious to see what these two “dumb” guys find funny and entertaining i.e. the most annoying sound in the world, the mocking-bird-yeah song, and having a major snowball fight with a sophisticated woman. There’s no doubt that Jim Carrey is a comedian, but there’s also no doubt that this movie is not approved by Dove.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Woman kisses man, implied homosexual encounter in a bathroom.
Language: None
Violence: Guy punches another guy in the face through a phone booth, a guy is accidentally fed rat poison and dies, guy shoots another guy-no blood.
Drugs: Guys drink beer, guy smokes, guys drinking in a hot tub, people drinking at a party.
Nudity: Guys with bare chests in a hot tub, girls in bikinis, low-cut dress with cleavage, guy sitting on toilet with pants down, guy in underwear.
Other: None


Company: New Line Cinema
Writer: Peter Farrelly and Bennett Yellin
Director: Peter Farrelly
Producer: Brad Krevoy
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 107 min.
Starring: Jim Carrey, Jeff Daniels, Lauren Holly Mike Starr
Reviewer: Sarah Bennor