Sudden Impact – Filtered

Theatrical Release: December 9, 1983
DVD Release: November 20, 2001


A vicious serial-killer is on the loose in San Francisco and the police trace a link to a small town further down the coast. When Harry Callahan upsets the press and the mayor in his usual style, he’s shipped out of town to investigate while the heat is on. With the help of his new Magnum handgun, Harry attempts to sniff out the criminal, leaving behind the usual trail of dead criminals along the way.

Dove Review

“Sudden Impact” is a Clint Eastwood film which of course contains many shoot-outs and Clint never getting a scratch. The acting was okay but not all that great. The story line was well written and pretty interesting for an older movie. I believe it was put together pretty well.

The film will not receive the family-friendly Dove Seal because of the fornication that was implied and there were some very sensitive scenes concerning rape, including some flashbacks that just are not suitable for children. There were several murders that occurred also and the person who committed them did not get punished.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Man and woman kiss, rape flashback, man and woman in bed together with sex implied and they're not married, three men talk about and try to rape woman.
Language: None
Violence: Woman shoots and kills three men and one woman, four men try to rob restaurant and end up getting shot, men beat car window with bat and throw bombs in the car, car drives off the edge of the road into the water, several men are killed, including a police chief and an officer, woman hit in face several times man with a bloody face.
Drugs: Smoking and alcohol consumed.
Nudity: Cleavage
Other: None


Company: Warner Brothers
Writer: Harry Julian Fink and Rita M. Fink
Director: Clint Eastwood
Producer: Clint Eastwood
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 117 min.
Reviewer: Debbie Satala