Hidden Secrets

Theatrical Release: October 6, 2006
DVD Release: November 7, 2006
Hidden Secrets


What if your deepest secrets were suddenly exposed? Nine friends discover just how explosive it can be when their past becomes their present.

Reunited at the funeral of hometown hero Chris Hayden, the friends find tensions escalating rapidly as their darkest secrets are revealed. Jeremy (David A.R. White, “Mercy Streets”), struggling with his calling as a youth pastor, is caught in an awkward love triangle between his new fiancee and his old flame Sherry (Tracy Melchior, “Bold and Beautiful”). As the embers of the past relationship reignite, Jeremy’s fiancee Rachel (Staci Keanan, “Step by Step”), who is determined to solidify their relationship, demands he affirm his commitment to her.

Meanwhile, Gary (John Schneider, “Dukes of Hazard,” “Smallville”) questions everyone’s beliefs as this close-knit group of friends disputes world views, lifestyles, and personal passions. Pastor Wexler (Reginald Vel Johnson, “Die Hard,” “Family Matters”) encourages them not to give up but to follow the truth that Chris Hayden lived.

“Hidden Secrets” is a story of love, friendship, redemption and ultimately faith that is humorous, touching and always entertaining.

Dove Review

This is a powerful movie. The plot deals with forgiveness and real-life heartaches such as losing a loved one or friend, and broken romances. In contrast to the forgiveness the characters display to one another, it realistically depicts an over-zealous woman who condemns others for their lifestyle choices. Yet she is put in her place by the film’s end. John Schneider, the star of this film, gives an excellent and humorous performance as Gary, a character who is skeptical of religion. He has some great lines, such as when his friend Jeremy falls off a roof onto a thorn bush, and he tells him, “It’s a good thing it wasn’t a burning bush!”

Since the film does boldly deal with controversial subjects such as abortion and homosexuality, and it leads to a satisfying conclusion, we recommend the movie for ages twelve and above.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Kissing. An engaged couple sleep in the same guest room but with a huge stack of pillows separating them as they intend to remain celibate until after they are married.
Language: D-1; Hell (comments about the place and location)-2.
Violence: None
Drugs: Brief scenes of smoking and drinking.
Nudity: Cleavage.
Other: Mature and controversial subjects are dealt with.


Company: PureFlix
Writer: Sean Paul Murphy and Timothy Ratajczak
Director: Carey Scott
Producer: Michael Scott
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 90 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter