The Presidio – Filtered

Theatrical Release: June 10, 1988
DVD Release: December 14, 1999


San Francisco detective Jay Austin (Mark Harmon) is assigned to investigate the murder of a female MP at the 212-year-old Presidio army base in this crime drama. Jay must interview Lieutenant Colonel Caldwell (Sean Connery), his former commander from his military days. The two must overcome their past and present differences to track down the killer as they manage to stumble across a smuggling operation relating to the murder. Jay falls for Caldwell’s pretty daughter Donna (Meg Ryan), who proves to be as forceful as her father. Highlights of the film are the chase scene through Chinatown and Connery’s exceptional performance.

Dove Review

Sean Connery gives a good performance in “The Presidio,” and that is pretty much the only positive thing in the film. The Clear Player does not do a very good job of editing the violence in “The Presidio,” which includes quite a few people being shot with a good deal of blood shown. Of course there is a lot of viiolence in the film. This film tries to show some of the complexities of human relationships, most notably between Army officer Connery and his daughter, played by Meg Ryan; however, “The Presidio” has a cheesy, 1980s action-movie feel that eclipses most of the plot. After a young military policewoman is shot, a detective played by Marc Harmon is brought onto the military base to investigate, and starts dating Ryan’s character, much to the chagrin of her father. After Harmon invites her out on a date, Ryan tells him they might as well skip the introductions and get right to the point, after which a sex scene is cut out, and the two are shown laying together partially clothed.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Man and woman who don't know each other kiss, and sex is implied.
Language: Read lips S-4; F-1; A-3; GD-2; H-1; JC-1
Violence: Six people shot, one repeatedly with a shotgun; people shoot at each other; man hit on head; man punches man in groin; two men fight; man killed and bloody after being hit by car.
Drugs: Woman smokes cigarette; man drinking heavily and noticeably intoxicated; man arrested for possessing drugs.
Nudity: Man without shirt.
Other: None


Company: Paramount
Director: Peter Hyams
Genre: Action
Runtime: 97 min.
Reviewer: Samantha Kubik