Code Name: The Cleaner

Theatrical Release: January 5, 2007
Code Name: The Cleaner


A man who has lost his memory has a new and dangerous life thrust upon him in this comedy thriller. Jake (Cedric the Entertainer) is a janitor who finds himself stricken with a crippling case of amnesia. While Jake struggles to regain his memory and identity, an intelligence agent (Elizabeth Hurley) takes advantage of his dilemma and convinces him he’s an undercover spy who is trying to ferret out a ring of underground arms dealers wanted by the FBI and the CIA. As Jake is thrown into the world of international intrigue, he gains an unlikely ally in Gina (Lucy Liu), an actual U.S. intelligence agent who is tracking the same bad guys and develops a liking for the janitor. The Cleaner also stars Nicollette Sheridan, DeRay Davis, and Callum Keith Rennie.

Dove Review

Cedric the Entertainer can be a very funny man and in this movie his humor shows. This film was full of laugh out loud scenes as Jake tries to figure out who he really is, what is going on and who the bad guys are. While funny at times, unfortunately the language content is over the top as are the sexual innuendos. This content makes the movie fall well outside our Dove approval guidelines.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Many innuendos regarding sex and body parts, man slaps woman's behind, couple kiss, woman does provocative dance, talk regarding sexual arousal.
Language: S-8, D-17,H-12, F-1, JC-1, J-1, B-1, A-21, SOB-1
Violence: Guns fired at people, explosions, woman slaps man in face, woman kicks man in private area, man jumps on car
Drugs: Man is injected with a truth serum drug
Nudity: Woman in string bikini type lingerie, cleavage, thong
Other: Woman lies to man about being married,man steals dance outfit, men ride on top of car


Company: New Line Cinema
Writer: Robert Adetuyi and George Gallo
Director: Les Mayfield
Producer: Brett Ratner
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 91 min.
Starring: Cedric the Entertainer, Lucy Liu, Nicollette Sheridan
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe