Catch and Release

Theatrical Release: January 26, 2007
Catch and Release


After the sudden death of her fiancé, Gray Wheeler (Jennifer Garner) finds comfort in the company of his friends: lighthearted and comic Sam (Kevin Smith), hyper-responsible Dennis (Sam Jaeger), and, oddly enough, his old childhood buddy Fritz (Timothy Olyphant), an irresponsible playboy whom she’d previously pegged as one of the least reliable people in the world. As secrets about her supposedly perfect fiancé emerge, Gray comes to see new sides of the man she thought she knew, and at the same time, finds herself drawn to the last man she ever expected to fall for.

Dove Review

A comedy that starts out at a funeral always makes me wonder where the laughs are going to come from. Then they throw in a few odd friends of the deceased and a secret about his life that his fiancé wasn’t aware of. This is the cause of only a few laughs. The rest of the film falls short of expectations.

But this film does relay a message that sometimes you don’t always know the people in your life as well as you think you do.

“Catch and Release” is definitely a chick flick. Because of language and sexual content, it cannot be Dove approved.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Unmarried couple implied having sex in bathroom; Unmarried couple in bed and implied sex; couple kissing; sexual innuendos; conversations about sex.
Language: GD-1; J-2; G-20; Sock it to me-3; D-1; S-2; H-2; A-5; Woman spells out H word; Woman leaves message saying "F You" - 3; B-1
Violence: Guys fight over tool.
Drugs: Vodka; beer; pills.
Nudity: Cleavage; couple in bed and it's implied they're naked.
Other: Guy tries to commit suicide; unmarried woman moves in with male friends.


Company: Columbia Tri-Star Pictures
Director: Susannah Grant
Producer: Jenno Topping
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 111 min.
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe