The Final Inquiry

DVD Release: February 19, 2008
The Final Inquiry


A beautiful, young Israeli woman named Tabitha awakens to find her mother being stoned by a group of people for cheating on her father with a Roman soldier. In lower Germany Tauro leads an army of Roman troops to a victory over a Germanic tribe and claims an enemy warrior, Brixos, as his slave. The earth rumbles and lightning strikes during the battle and at the same time, rattles the palace of the great Roman Emperor, Tiberius. Tiberius tells Tauro that he must travel to Jerusalem to find the truth behind the legend of a man, Jesus of Nazareth, who supposedly rose from the dead. When Tauro comes to Jerusalem, he encounters Tabitha and her grandmother, saving her from a petty mugger. Love sparks between the two, but she is forbidden to touch, much less speak to a Roman.

Dove Review

This is a marvelous film of redemption though there are several battle scenes, with comparatively little blood. A stoning and battle takes place in the beginning of this film, which signals some violence to come. Although those who would seek to disprove the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth fail to do so, and the biblical context is enjoyable to view in this film, the violent scenes need to be mentioned. There are multiple stabbings and in at least one case a little blood is seen flying from someone’s mouth. A king is cremated on a funeral pyre, but a lot of the violence is done without blood and with the sound of stabbing. There is an incident which shows Saul kicking a man in the face but again there is little blood shown.

The character of Tauro, also known as Titus, undergoes a believable and wonderful conversion in this film, as he witnesses a miracle when Peter prays to the resurrected Lord. The acting is good and the beautiful scenes and landscapes are picturesque. Due to the battle scenes, we suggest viewers twelve and up view this film. We are glad to award our Dove Seal to this biblically-based story.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Passionate kissing; a man comes on strongly to a woman; a prostitute asks a man, "Do you want to sleep with me tonight?"
Language: OMG-1; H-2 (as a location); the mention of the place where the "damned" are sent.
Violence: Multiple stabbings; a little blood is seen in a few scenes; two stonings; the crucifixion of Jesus and the thieves with a little blood; Jesus is about to be pierced by a spear in the side when it cuts away; a man is kicked in face and beaten; a character is smothered to death.
Drugs: Wine and poisoned wine.
Nudity: None
Other: A corpse is cremated; a man prays to "gods."


Company: 20th Century Fox Home Ent.
Writer: Suso Cecchi d'Amico and Ennio Flaiano and Valerio Manfredi and Andrea Porporati
Director: Giulio Base
Producer: Carla Capotondi
Genre: Adventure
Runtime: 132 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter