Goal! The Dream Begins – Filtered



As an underprivileged Mexican-American immigrant growing up in the poor section of Los Angeles, Santiago Munez (Kuno Becker) seemed destined to follow his father’s path in life: laboring at menial jobs to earn just enough money to support his family. Naturally gifted, his amazing talent on the soccer field was wasted in recreation league games while he could only dream of playing on the world stage of professional soccer. But when a British scout (Stephen Dillane) discovers his talent and gets him a tryout with one of England’s premier soccer clubs, Newcastle United, Santiago must choose between his father’s fate and his own destiny. Now alone in a world where soccer is a religion and players are gods, this underdog must prove he’s got the talent and determination to make it amongst the best in the world.

Dove Review

This is an example of a film that could have been a great family movie, but there is too much drinking going on, even in the Clear Play filtered version. There is enough positive material in “Goal!” and even the overall theme is very positive, that it is too bad the filmmaker felt the need to put in so much drinking and partying. That being said, the character who drinks a lot and parties throughout the film (including throwing his friend onto a bed full of women in lingerie), is reprimanded by his soccer coach for his behavior. However, by showing so many scenes of drinking and partying, in which people are portrayed as having a great time, ruins the film for families, and prevents it from getting the Dove seal, despite the other positive messages in the film.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Reference to brothel; man and woman kiss; man throws his friend onto a bed full of women in lingerie.
Language: Read lips slang for female genitalia-1; S-2
Violence: None
Drugs: Drinking throughout film; man smokes cigarette.
Nudity: Women in lingerie; cleavage; man in boxer shorts; men and women in bathing suits.
Other: None


Company: Buena Vista
Writer: Mike Jefferies and Adrian Butchart
Director: Danny Cannon
Producer: Matt Barrelle
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 118 min.
Reviewer: Samantha Kubik