The Hills Have Eyes 2

Theatrical Release: March 23, 2007
The Hills Have Eyes 2


As part of a routine mission, a unit of National Guard soldiers stop at a New Mexican outpost only to find the isolated research camp mysteriously deserted. After spotting a distress signal in a distant mountain range, the team decides to commence a search and rescue mission into the hills. Little do they know that these are the very hills that the ill-fated Carter family once visited, and that a tribe of cannibalistic mutants lies in wait. And this time, there is an even larger force of evil at work that is intent on the soldiers’ very destruction.

Dove Review

“The Hills Have Eyes 2” is probably as entertaining as any film about psychotic mutants could be; that is to say, it’s laughably bad. A group of unsuspecting military trainees are hunted down and picked off one by one by a population of killer mutants, who seem to enjoy killing, torturing, and sometimes snacking on anyone who comes into their territory. Supposedly the killer mutated people resulted from nuclear tests conducted by the military in the S – although why the nuclear tests made these people psycho killers, in addition to hideously deformed mutants, is not explained.

One stand-out point about this horror film is there was so much objectionable language that I actually lost count of the exact numbers of certain words. Although most horror films over-use such language, “The Hills Have Eyes 2” contains more swearing than gore, if you can believe it. The gore, though not as large in quantity as the language, is pretty bad too. For these reasons, “The Hills Have Eyes 2” is not approved by Dove.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Woman raped by mutant.
Language: F-74; S-36; B-5; A-13; D-5; GD-5; OG-1; J-2; JC-1; H-12; Slang for male/female genitalia-4
Violence: Two people fall to their deaths, smashing their heads on rocks; man shoots himself in head; woman punched in face; several partially eaten dead bodies shown; corpse with intestines hanging out; mutant eating human intestines; numerous people hacked with axes; man’s skull smashed with axe; man’s leg ripped off; man’s arm chopped off; dead body with wallet impaled in skull; man blown up with dynamite; mutant impaled; several people and mutants shot; mutant beaten; woman beaten by mutants; several people and mutants hit with rocks.
Drugs: None.
Nudity: Woman’s bare breasts shown.
Other: Graphic scene of woman giving birth, with lots of blood shown.


Company: Fox Atomic
Writer: Jonathan Craven and Wes Craven
Director: Martin Weisz
Producer: Wes Craven
Genre: Horror
Runtime: 90 min.
Reviewer: Samantha Kubik