The Adventures of Black Stallion: Season 1

DVD Release: December 5, 2006
The Adventures of Black Stallion: Season 1


The spirited series, starring Mickey Rooney, is inspired by the best-selling novels by Walter Farley.

After being shipwrecked on a remote desert island, young Alec Ramsey and a wild Arabian stallion named the “Black”, form an irrevocable bond that continues after their rescue. Now teammates in the horse-racing circuit, they are poised to take the racing world by storm. No one else can ride the stunning fire and silk stallion but Alec; and though the Black’s spirit is untamed, his speed is unmatched and he is swiftly becoming the fastest racehorse in the world. Experience all of the excitement and adventure that Alec and the Black share, both on and off the track, in this complete first season containing twenty-six episodes.

Dove Review

Episodes-WHERE THERE’S A WILL: When Henry has a health problem, he begins to question if he is too old to train The Black and Alec. Alec is disrespectful to Henry in the heat of an argument but Alec’s mom discusses the fact that anger is healthy but we need to be careful how we exhibit it. VIGIL: One of the horses becomes ill and the staff of the ranch have differing opinions on how to handle it. Alec raises his voice in anger to the adults in charge of the ranch. FIRST AMONG EQUALS: Katherine and Alec struggle with sexism in the sport of racing when another horse owner refuses to allow Katherine to race because she’s a woman. There is no objectionable content in this episode. LONG WAY HOME: When Alec has to return home because of a family emergency, The Black runs away. Henry has a hard time deciding which is more important-his pride or the truth. There is no objectionable content in this episode. STOWAWAY: While on the road, Alec and Henry meet a teen struggling with his relationship with his father. This sparks a discussion about doing what you love and what you are good at. In this episode, a father hits his son. A FRIEND IN NEED: In this episode there are a few incidents of children picking on other children, as well as one small scuffle where a child ends up with some serious scratches. PONY EXPRESS RIDE: There is an incidence of theft as well as some mischief in trying to stop the race. THE BIG FIX: Henry suspects that someone from his past is sabotaging The Black during an upcoming race. However, the saboteur is someone that no one suspected. There is no objectionable content in this episode. STAR QUALITY: When Alec and The Black stumble onto the set of a movie being filmed nearby, both have the chance to become to become stars. However, they discover that it may not be all its cracked up to be. There is some fake blood and explosions. KING OF THE COWBOYS: Henry and Alec help a down and out rodeo star get his confidence back. There is no objectionable material in this episode. KILLER: Alec steals a truck and runs away from the police in this episode. SWEET TOOTH: There is a scuffle in this episode. THE LAST RACE: A surprising revelation is made when Henry accidentally signs up The Black for a race where the winner can purchase the losing horse, as well as other terms Henry was not aware of. There is no objectionable content in this episode. DOUBLE CROSS: Alec begins to suspect that Henry is planning on fixing a race when a gambler begins frequenting the track. There is no objectionable content in this episode. TRAPPED: Pierre and Alec are left to watch Henry’s old friend’s grandson when trouble ensues, leaving the little boy’s life in danger. There is no objectionable content in this episode. FIREWORKS: There is underage drinking in this episode as well as boy-girl kissing. THE BLACK PEARL: There is some mild violence when two people are kidnapped and a knife is produced. THE LONG RUN: When Alec is challenged by a famous jockey about his amateur status, he begins going to extreme measures to train for his upcoming match. Diet pills are taken as well as instances of bulimia. KIDNAPPED: Someone switches The Black with another horse and steals him. The staff at the ranch struggles to find him. There is no objectionable content in this episode. COMEBACK: Alec and Henry wonder if The Black will ever race again. There is no objectionable content in this episode. THE CHOICE: Alec visits a school in France devoted entirely to horsemanship and has a difficult decision to make when they offer him a full scholarship. There is no objectionable content in this episode. BLACK AT HEART: An Arabian princess with a connection to The Black asks for Alec’s help in saving her country. Someone is forced into a car unwillingly. HEARTS OF GOLD: Henry suspects that is all is not as it may seem when Katherine has a whirlwind romance. There are multiples instances of boy-girl kissing. THE JUDGE: Alec offers to help a struggling farm by participating in a very dangerous steeplechase race. There is no objectionable content in this episode. FOUND MONEY: There are guns and some shooting in this episode, as well as a car crash. THE NEUCHATEL STALLION: When staying at a château in the French countryside, Henry begins seeing a legendary ghost stallion. There is some discussion of ghosts.

This series is Dove approved for all ages due to its overall wholesome entertainment.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Occasional boy-girl kisses.
Language: Some name calling. No profanity.
Violence: Some minor scuffles; a few instances with knives and guns.
Drugs: A single instance of underage drinking; single instance of taking diet pills.
Nudity: None.
Other: Some discussion of ghosts; discussion of bulimia.


Company: Echo Bridge Home Entertainment
Producer: Tom Parkinson
Genre: Adventure
Runtime: 617 min.
Reviewer: Carrie Clark