The Adventures of Black Stallion: Season 2

DVD Release: May 8, 2007
The Adventures of Black Stallion: Season 2


Inspired by Walter Farley’s best selling novels, this spirited adventure series revolves around a wild Arabian stallion-turned-racehorse named the “Black” and the only one who can ride him, young Alec Ramsey. In this complete second season, Alec and the Black face a distractingly beautiful opponent and her mysterious racehorse, a group of jockeys whose practical jokes go too far, and an Arabian horse that bears an uncanny resemblance to the Black. Plus, see what happens when Alec is stuck with amnesia after a fall, the Black is put up for auction, and the duo find themselves in a ghost town at the mercy of a delusional man with nefarious plans for the Black’s future…

Dove Review

Episodes: BARN BURNER: A girl with a bad attitude is suspected of setting fire to barns housing race horses. Soon Henry and Alec become involve in the investigation. There is a man smoking in this episode. DIAMONDS: Henry and Alec have a vacation planned when they inadvertently become the target of diamond thieves. Two men with guns, one shoots off gun; men have fistfight.CHÂTEAU SAVAGE: The Black’s lack of papers causes problems when someone kidnaps the Black, believing he is being abused by being forced to race. Alec is forced to make a risky bet to determine what the Black truly wants to do. An animal and a man are shot with tranquilizer darts.KILLER STALLION: Someone gives the Black an unknown substance causing him to go crazy and accidentally kill another horse. Alec and Henry have to fight to clear the Black’s name as well as save his life. A man has a gun and brandishes a knife. MACHINE RIDER: Alec faces a jockey who has been giving him a hard time for the duration of his stay in France. However, it is soon discovered that this winning jockey’s methods are less than ethical. There is no objectionable material in this episode.THE ALHAMBRA ZARR: While finally proving the lineage of The Black, Alec and Henry discover that some people will kill to keep The Black’s lineage undiscovered. In this episode, there is a man smoking, as well as men with guns. A man is also shot and killed, with no blood shown. ALMOST HOME:On their way home from France, Alec and The Black come across a vet who is cruel to his son along with someone who takes his problems out by being cruel to animals. There is a fistfight in this episode and a man using a stun gun on the animals. DEADLIEST BIDDER: Now that they have returned home, Alec and Henry begin to discover how much The Black is worth to others. However, they learn that they should be careful of others who offer help to them. Gunfire is exchanged in this episode. BLACKOUT: When Alec disappears while on a ride with The Black, no one can figure out where he is…even Alec. There is a head wound shown with some blood. DETOUR: On the way to a race, Alec and Nicole deal with two backwoods thieves intent on stealing The Black. A crossbow and knife are brandished in this episode. There is also a struggle with one of the captors when someone is hit with a rock. ISLAND STALLION: Alec is challenged by one of his fans-an up-and-coming female jockey and struggles with the idea that he may not always be number one. There is a fist fight in this episode. OSTRACIZED: When things go badly for The Black during his first sanctioned race, Alec is blamed and his career as a jockey is in question. There is no objectionable material in this episode. BLACK SPIRIT: Alec and The Black begin having problems getting along. When The Black runs away, an old Indian helps Alec to see what lies at the heart of their problem. There is no objectionable material in this episode. FREE WILL: On the way to a race, the truck breaks down and when Alec and The Black go for help, The Black runs away. Along the way, Alec discovers The Black has only one rider. A man falls from a horse repeatedly and some blood is shown. HARD ROAD HOME: When Alec falls during a workout, he becomes badly injured and realizes that it can be very difficult to get back on the horse. There is no objectionable material in this episode. THE ARKANSAS TWISTER: Alec’s mom falls for a jockey known as the Arkansas Twister but Alec and Henry suspect his intention are less than honorable. There is no objectionable material in this episode. FATAL HEART: Alec falls for a girl he meets in a meadow while exercising The Black. However, his heart is broken when she has her eye on more than Alec’s heart. There are several boy/girl kisses in this episode. TICKET TO RIDE: Nicole is offered a position as a jockey but her new employer is looking to take advantage of her naiveté. There is no objectionable material in this episode. DEADWOOD KID: An old Western star schemes to steal The Black by luring Alec and Nicole to an abandoned Western town front. There is simulated gunfire in this episode. HORSE OF THE YEAR: When The Black receives the Horse of the Year award, Alec has a hard time keeping his ego in check. There is some name calling in this episode. IF THE SHOE FITS: Alec and The Black face a pair of immoral veterinarians who scheme to curtail The Black’s career. However, Alec is shocked to discover he has a connection to one of the veterinarians. In this episode there is gambling as well as two fist fights. CODE OF SILENCE: When Alec and Nicole act as good Samaritans, breaking up a fight, they become the targets of revenge. In this episode, there were two fist fights and some underage drinking. BLACK TIDE: The Black races his son in a winner-take-all race, but at what cost? There is discussion of horse doping in this episode. GOING, GOING, GONE: When Henry is accused of being part of an international horse smuggling ring, Alec takes extraordinary risks to save the reputation of his friend, putting his own on the line as well. A man pushes a woman in this episode. THE INCREDIBLE RIDE: Taking a side road to get to a race faster, Henry becomes seriously injured. Alec and The Black race against time to get him the help he needs. There is an auto accident in this episode with two head wounds with some blood. There is also a boy/horse/grizzly bear fight. TIES THAT BIND: When The Black has an accident, Alec, Henry, and Nicole begin to reevaluate their priorities. There is no objectionable material in this episode.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Occasional boy and girl kissing.
Language: Some name calling.
Violence: Fist fights; incident with gun; knife brandished; man and horse shot with tranquilizer dart; man shot and killed; head wound with some blood; man injured after falling from horse with some blood shown; nothing gratuitous.
Drugs: Man smoking and some underage drinking.
Nudity: None.
Other: Gambling.


Company: Echo Bridge Home Entertainment
Director: Laurent Bregeat, Nicholas Kendall, Peter D. Marshall, Peter Rowe
Producer: Tom Parkinson
Genre: Adventure
Runtime: 600 min.
Reviewer: Carrie Clark