Sacred Ground

DVD Release: January 1, 2003
Sacred Ground


In 1861, mountain man Matt Colter and his pregnant Apache woman, Little Doe, arrive in Eastern Oregon. After finding their cabin destroyed, they build a new cabin on a hill, unaware it is a sacred Paiute Indian burial mound. The Paiutes are outraged and destroy the cabin, and among the smoldering ruins, Little Doe dies giving birth to their son.

Realizing that he must find food for the baby, Colter captures a Paiute woman to nurse his child. The Paiutes again attack, this time capturing the child who they believe to be sacred. Exhausted and near death, Colter must regroup, and with the help of his friend, Lum Witcher, an old Mountain Man, he fights to reclaim his son. The final confrontation is both dramatic and surprising in this poignant classic.

Dove Review

This is a DVD about Matt and his Indian wife Little Doe. This movie is set during the times of “white men” and Indian tribes. Matt, who is a trapper, and his wife are traveling on horse back through the plains to a part of the river were he can do some trapping. They end up building a cabin on a sacred Indian burial ground, which does not please the area tribe. Throughout this movie there is conflict between Matt and the Indians. At one point, a character has lost his wife and needs to find another woman to feed his child. He ends up kidnapping a woman from the tribe to help him do this so that his infant son will not die. This was a pretty good movie that did contain some great scenery. I would recommend this movie to anyone 12 and over due to some violence which is listed below.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: Indians get shot from horses; man shot with bow and arrow. No visible blood with any of these scenes. Tribe throws things at woman.
Drugs: None
Nudity: A woman is beginning to breast feed, you only see glimpse of top of breast, but you do know exactly what she is doing; it shows a woman wrapped in covering but you see about the top three quarters of her back; one scene has a man with pants on and no shirt chasing his wife who is wrapped in a dried animal skin.
Other: A woman has been banned from her tribe.


Company: Pacific International Ent Inc.
Producer: Arthur R. Dubs
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 100 min.
Reviewer: Amy Jensen