Sweet Land

DVD Release: July 10, 2007
Sweet Land


Inge is a feisty young German woman who has come to Minnesota to marry Olaf, a young Norwegian immigrant farmer of few words. But in a post WWI, anti-German climate, the local minister openly forbids the marriage. Inge and Olaf fall in love despite the town’s disapproval. But when the town banker attempts to foreclose on the farm of his friend Frandsen, Olaf takes a stand…and the community unites around the young couple, finally accepting Inge as one of their own.

Dove Review

This film portrays a beautiful love story during difficult times in America’s history. Inge comes to the United States Midwest to marry a farmer, Olaf. However, no one will grant them a marriage license because of Inge’s German heritage, a sensitive topic among Americans during the 1920s. Together Inge and Olaf struggle to create a life together despite others criticism and ignorance. The cinematography adds to the beauty of this soft and old fashioned love story.

The film has a gentle tone but does deal with a complicated subject. People in the film struggle with their faith and the inherant predjudices of the times. The main characters also face persecution from the community when they are discovered living together in the same household but no one believes them when they say they are not sleeping together. There are a few scenes where men and women are bathing but there is very little bare skin seen. The characters do speak foreign languages with no subtitling throughout the film, especially in the beginning. Overall, there is a lesson to be learned for everyone in this film but unfortunately God’s name is taken in vain and we cannot award our Dove Seal to it for this reason.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Husband and wife kiss and head for the bedroom; subtle sexual innuendo between man and woman who are to be married.
Language: GD-2; Oh God; D-1
Violence: Man explains how his cousin blew his head off by putting a gun in his mouth; a man punches another man.
Drugs: Adults drink wine with dinner.
Nudity: Two scenes with man shirtless, one woman bathing with naked shoulder, calf seen.
Other: Film begins with the death of an old woman and later an older man dies.


Company: 20th Century Fox Home Ent.
Director: Ali Selim
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 110 min.
Reviewer: Carrie Clark