Theatrical Release: June 29, 2007
DVD Release: September 25, 2007


Evening unites a stellar cast, and is based on the beloved novel by Susan Minot and adapted for the screen by Ms. Minot and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Michael Cunningham (The Hours), under the direction of Lajos Koltai (Fate less), who was previously an Academy Award-nominated cinematographer.

Evening is a deeply emotional film that illuminates the timeless love which binds mother and daughter – seen through the prism of one mother’s life as it crests with optimism, navigates a turning point, and ebbs to its close. Two pairs of real-life mothers and daughters – Vanessa Redgrave and Natasha Richardson, and Meryl Streep and Mamie Gummer – portray, respectively, a mother and her daughter and the mother’s best friend at different stages in life.

Overcome by the power of memory, Ann Lord (Ms. Redgrave) reveals a long-held secret to her concerned daughters; Constance (Ms. Richardson), a content wife and mother, and Nina (Toni Collette), a restless single woman. Both are bedside when Ann calls out for the man she loved more than any other.

Dove Review

“Evening” was a beautifully written film with seamless transitions between the 1950’s and present as a woman on her deathbed remembers and examines her complicated love life of years ago. While the language in the film clearly prevents it from receiving the Dove Family-Approved Seal, it was an emotionally moving story with an excellent cast. I expected to see a romantic love story and while the film did contain one, it was explored through the eyes of best girlfriends and, as a viewer, I found myself interested more in the relationship between the two female friends rather than the handsome doctor and leading lady. It isn’t the typical “chick flick” but rather a realistic portrayal of family and friendship. As I left I couldn’t help but wonder what stories my own grandmother and mother have locked away in their hearts.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Man and women have intercourse, not shown; women discuss sex.
Language: GD-2; F-1; H-1; B-1
Violence: Man hit by car (not graphic); women argue loudly and man and woman argue.
Drugs: Consumption of alcohol at parties; man is intoxicated several times; some smoking.
Nudity: Rear male nudity; woman in undergarments; man and women lying in bed together though not graphic; man's bare chest.
Other: A woman questions going full term with her pregnancy.


Company: Focus Features
Writer: Susan Minot and Michael Cunningham
Director: Lajos Koltai
Producer: Jeff Sharp
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 117 min.
Reviewer: Sarah Strong