Daddy Day Camp

Theatrical Release: August 8, 2007
DVD Release: January 29, 2008
Daddy Day Camp


This hilarious sequel to the smash hit “Daddy Day Care” finds dads Charlie Hinton and Phil Ryerson (Cuba Gooding Jr., Paul Rae) in another kid-harried adventure as they take over running a summer day camp. Armed with no knowledge of the great outdoors, a dilapidated facility, and a motley group of campers, it doesn’t take long before things get out of control. Up against threats of foreclosure and declining enrollment Charlie is forced to call on his estranged father, Col. Buck Hinton (Richard Gant) to help bring the camp together and teach everyone about teamwork, perseverance and the power of forgiveness.

Dove Review

“Daddy Day Camp” is a film which makes some positive statements about fathers and sons who misunderstand one another but find reconciliation. Charlie Hinton (Cuba Gooding Jr.) and his father, Col. Buck Hinton (Richard Gant), have always had trouble communicating, but when Charlie needs his dad to help keep a camp afloat, the colonel rides into town with his experience, knowledge, discipline and his creative ideas to jump-start the sagging morale of the campers. There is also a nice, “I love you Dad,” and “I love you, Son” moment in the movie.

However, there is a lot of crude potty humor in the film. There is no single incident which prevents us from awarding our Dove Seal to the movie. Some of the humor, such as the kids getting back at an arrogant counselor from a rival camp, is overdone humor; as you would see in a cartoon. Still, parents should consult the content chart below to decide if they wish to take their children. There are some good themes in the film, including teamwork and spirit, despite some of the crude moments. Another example of a good theme is a counselor who helps a boy who is embarrassed about wetting the bed.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: A girl kisses a boy on the cheek.
Language: H-1; Butt-5; Butthead-1; Some crude words and comments such as poop, idiots, snot-nosed brat, crap and puke; a "For the love of God" comment.
Violence: Kids tie up a counselor but he is freed and they change; a kid hits a counselor in the rear (apparently accidentally); an outside rest room is accidentally blown up; an arrogant counselor is attacked with water balloons and eggs; kids kick a mean counselor.
Drugs: A girl mentions her mother uses Xanax.
Nudity: A young boy's rear is seen for a few seconds as he urinates; a counselor has his pants torn away and we see him in his underwear for a brief time (no pun intended); slight cleavage.
Other: A bug is grilled on a hamburger and a man unknowingly eats it; a song about 100 non-alcoholic bottles of beer on the wall; a boy mentions "nudie flicks" on cable; a nasty looking toilet is seen on screen with excrement beside it; a boy vomits at least three times although not graphic except for one scene; a man is seen sitting on a toilet but nothing graphic is shown; some bees attack some of the campers; kids get into snack bar but they are caught; a kid uses urine for a water balloon to get the cheating campers of another team; flatulence; belching.


Company: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Writer: Geoff Rodkey and J. David Stem and David N. Weiss
Director: Fred Savage
Producer: John Davis
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 93 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter