A Leap of Faith

Theatrical Release: November 8, 2006
DVD Release: November 8, 2006
A Leap of Faith


Juvenile delinquent Rick Chilton has struck out for the last time. Labeled a lost cause, Rick’s probation officer assigns him to serve out his sentence at a secluded country ranch. The ranch serves as a rehabilitation center for blind youths, and Rick sees this punishment as a joke. But when he sets eyes on Lindsay his whole outlook suddenly changes. Lindsay is a world class gymnast, blinded in a fall from the balance beam. She arrives at the ranch full of bitterness and animosity, but when Rick introduces her to a beautiful stallion named Ghost, her morale is miraculously lifted and her competitive spirit kicks in once more. Follow the action as these unlikely heroes attempt the impossible and join forces to compete in the regional show-jumping championships.

Dove Review

Sometimes people can prove that they can change if given a chance. Rick has been in and out of trouble and his friends are a bad influence. This is his last chance and he finds out that he does have a talent for horses. But Rick is not the only one that needs to change-so does Lindsay. Together Rick and Lindsay find a new direction in each of their lives. Heartwarming and encouraging, this story will be enjoyable to all who watch.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: A couple kiss.
Language: None
Violence: Assumed Robbery; gun under counter; a young man punches another young man; apparent cruelty to a horse; wolves chase young boy on horse.
Drugs: Alcohol in a bar scene.
Nudity: None.
Other: A young boy, young girl and a lady all fall off a horse; a film of a young girl getting hurt on the balance beam.


Company: Triumph Marketing, LLC
Director: David Mackay
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 95 min.
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe