Bananas: TV Season 2 – 4 Disc Set

Theatrical Release: March 1, 2007
DVD Release: March 1, 2007
Bananas: TV Season 2 – 4 Disc Set


Bananas is the “appeeling” comedy show for the whole family! Bananas TV Season 2 contains more than 9 hours of comedy on 4 hilarious DVDs, and best of all it’s good, clean fun for the entire family! This group of brilliant, nationally acclaimed comedians includes artists who have shared their clean comedy all over the world! You may have seen some of them on ABC, CBS, Comedy Central, or BET (to name just a few television networks). They have also performed at a wide variety of events including shows for U.S. troops overseas. You’ll laugh for hours with the collection of impressionists, physical comedians, and incredibly funny people that make up Bananas TV Season 2.

Dove Review

We are pleased to award the Dove Family-Approved Seal to the series “Bananas: Season Two.” This series of clean comics has something for every sense of humor, from slapstick to Vegas-style to improv. There is truly something here for everyone.

Although this is overall a wholesome series, and we approve it for all ages, it is recommended parents consult the content listing to decide what they want their children to see.

Thor Ramsey: Thor Ramsey covers topics like visiting the dreaded Department of Motor Vehicles, raising children, and Valentine’s Day. We want to note that the material includes a discussion of ghosts and shooting dogs as well as the use of the word “crap”.

Bob Smiley: Bob Smiley brings his aw-shucks style to comedy with his discussion of topics like having kids and how to discipline. There was no objectionable material in this episode.

Joby Saad: Exhibiting physical humor, Joby Saad covers trying to find the CD with the latest song you don’t know the name of. Included in the material is some bathroom humor.

Comedian Bone: The hilarious Comedian Bone will sing the Clutter Song, which is sure to be stuck in your head for days afterward. He also covers dating and the Christian walk. There was no objectionable material in this episode.

Scott Wood: Scott Wood is Vegas-style comedy at its best. His topics include in-laws and children. We want to note that his act include bathroom humor and use of the word “honky”.

Robert G. Lee: This writer from the show “Veggie Tales” talks about the inevitable church retreat and committee, as well as surgery and embarrassing your kids. There was no objectionable material in this episode.

Michael Joiner: Funnyman Michael Joiner talks about marriage and trying to order from a fast food restaurant. There was no objectionable material in this episode.

Steve Geyer:The touching humor of Steve Geyer will leave you in tears and not just because he’s funny. His act revolves around how to be a real man and playing with Barbies. There is some bathroom humor.

CPR: Fans of the show “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” will love the improv humor of the comedic troupe CPR. Topics include Mr. Know-It-All and the backwards-forwards game. There is some bathroom humor.

Bob Stromberg: The physical and musical humor of Bob Stromberg will get you laughing whether you are two or two hundred. His work includes shadow puppets, a sing-a-long, and illusion tricks. He too has some bathroom humor in his act.

Isaac Witty: Isaac Witty will have you laughing as he discusses car troubles, telemarketers, and superheroes. There was no objectionable material in this episode. Phil DeTommaso: This Italian discusses mafia stereotypes, marriage, and having children. There was no objectionable material in this episode. Paul Stocklein: Humorous Paul Stocklein discusses marriage, disciplining your children, and rural beauty pageants. There was no objectionable material in this episode.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: None
Language: Cr*p-1; Honky-1
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Discussion of ghosts; discussion of shooting dogs; incidents of bathroom humor.