Dinosaurs: Giants of Patagonia – IMAX 3D

Theatrical Release: September 21, 2007
DVD Release: March 1, 2011
Dinosaurs: Giants of Patagonia – IMAX 3D


According to this documentary, if it weren’t for a series of cataclysmic events; a comet impact being first on the list, our planet could well still be the domain of dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs fascinate us so much, that many people wish they were amongst us. Fortunately, the large format “Dinosaurs 3D” will be the closest thing to actually being in the presence of the extraordinary creatures without looking into our own extinction at the same time.

Following Pr Rodolfo Coria, a world-reknown Argentinian paleontologist, we visit sites of major discoveries he has contributed to in Patagonia and travel back in time to see these amazing beasts come to life. Patagonia has given us the largest living animal to have ever walked the Earth: the titanesque plant-eating Argentinosaur, and its nemesis, the Giganotosaur, a bipedal carnivore, that could easily challenge the famous T-Rex.

Deeply rooted in science, the film carries the audience through the lives of two specimens of these superb achievements of history. The action is intense and the landscape is out of this world. At times, the camera takes us into space to witness the movement of the tectonic plates or the arrival of a comet that will seal the fate of the Dinosaurs.

Dove Review

The special effects are very well executed in this IMAX 3D film. It seemed as if the dinosaurs were close enough to eat me on more than one occasion. And when some birds are seen on screen, you feel as if you can reach out and touch them. The scenes filmed in Argentina are very beautiful. The scientific knowledge shared in this film is fascinating which may or may not be news to some viewers. There are tidbits such as some dinosaurs having walked on two legs and some on four. Even a new discovery of a specific species of dinosaurs is mentioned. The size of most of the dinosaur eggs being just larger than grape-fruit size was an interesting tidbit.

We note that the subject of evolution is mentioned twice and some viewers will not agree with this teaching. However, the subject is not dwelt on by the filmmakers and the movie is very entertaining to watch as well as educational. There is a bit of blood as some dinosaurs fight each other, but it isn’t much and we believe that most kids will be all right as they view the film. We would ask that parents consult the content chart below as the dinosaur fights might be a bit intense for very young children.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: A few dinosaur scuffles; a little blood shown.
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: The word evolution is mentioned a few times.


Company: IMAX
Writer: Marc Fafard
Director: Marc Fafard
Producer: Carl Samson
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 45 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter