The Seeker: The Dark is Rising

Theatrical Release: October 5, 2007
DVD Release: March 18, 2008
The Seeker: The Dark is Rising


Based on author Susan Cooper’s “The Dark is Rising” series. Will Stanton’s life is turned upside down when he learns that he is the last of a group of immortal warriors who have dedicated their lives to fighting the forces of the dark. As he uncovers mysterious clues, Stanton discovers that with the dark once again rising, the future of the world rests in his hands.

Dove Review

“The Seeker” is a film adaptation of the second in a series of books written by Susan Cooper. While many of the details have been loosely adapted from the book, the central theme of Dark vs. Light has been maintained. This is certainly an action-packed movie that will keep its audience on the edge of their seats throughout.

The special effects are top notch but not overdone as sometimes can be the case, and the script moves along swiftly. Parents should be aware that the action scenes are nearly non-stop and do involve impending peril for our heroes (after all, The Dark is Rising…). This is the main reason we have recommended this film for a slightly older audience. However, the action and violence are well within Dove’s acceptable guidelines which allows us to award “The Seeker” our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal.

“The Seeker: The Dark is Rising” is a non-stop thrill ride that will leave you breathless.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: None
Language: OMG-1; Thank God-1
Violence: Several very intense scenes of battle between the forces of light and dark-however, none are graphic. The use of weapons in battle such as swords, shields, cross-bow etc; brother pushes brother; brother fights brother.
Drugs: Wine with dinner by adults; a flagon of beer used as a wager in a bet.
Nudity: None
Other: Birds and Snakes attack the forces of light. Boy moves objects by thought. Man transforms into many birds.


Company: 20th Century Fox - Walden Media
Writer: John Hodge
Producer: Marc E. Platt
Genre: Action
Runtime: 94 min.
Reviewer: Scott Rolfe