Merlins Apprentice

DVD Release: February 7, 2006
Merlins Apprentice


The great sorcerer Merlin has returned to Camelot, a kingdom now vulnerable to ill fates and war since the theft of the Holy Grail, its greatest gift and protection. With the help of Jack, an irascible young beggar-thief imbued with his own unruly magic, the fight against unknown dangers begins—to find the Grail, restore it to its rightful place, and bring Camelot back to its glory days.

Dove Review

In this adaptation of Camelot, the story begins with Merlin falling asleep for several years due to a spell by the Lady of the Lake. He awakens to find things in disarray and the Holy Grail missing from Camelot. In trying to find it, he stumbles upon a young man who possesses magic like himself. He forms a bond with the young man who becomes his protégé and apprentice. “Merlin’s Apprentice” has two parts to it on one disc, making it longer than most films. The story line and action should keep audiences interested. This movie should satisfy those who love action and comedy because of the various scenes. There is fairy tale magic, sorcery and the many battle scenes throughout this fantasy film. The story is faithful to the legend and Dove is happy to award “Merlin’s Apprentice” the Dove Seal for children twelve and up.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Unmarried couple is shown kissing; an unmarried couple is seen hugging each other.
Language: D-3; B-2
Violence: Several battle scenes are shown throughout the film (no blood or gore); man is shown on fire; knight drags a woman away and then stabs her (not shown); knight holds a knife to a man's throat; Merlin uses magic to throw a man up against a wall; girl punches a man in the face; sorceress uses magic to hurt Merlin.
Drugs: Men are shown drinking out of goblets (alcohol is assumed).
Nudity: Female belly dancers are shown wearing bare midriffs; a young woman is shown with her top torn exposing her shoulder.
Other: Several instances of fairy tale magic and sorcery; men are shown gambling; man is shown stealing; a young woman dresses as a man so she can become a knight.


Company: Echo Bridge Home Entertainment
Director: David Wu
Genre: Adventure
Runtime: 185 min.
Reviewer: Candice Moore