Saving Sarah Cain

Theatrical Release: August 19, 2007
DVD Release: January 15, 2008
Saving Sarah Cain


When Sarah Cain, a self-involved big-city newspaper columnist, travels to Pennsylvania for the funeral of her Amish sister, she soon discovers that she is the legal guardian of her five Amish nieces and nephews. Rather than choose to move to Lancaster County to finish raising them there herself, or let them be separated by the foster care system, Sarah decides to take them with her back to Portland where she believes she can make a new life for them. However, she soon realizes that the modern world has forced them to compromise who they are, and that she has moved them there for all the wrong reasons – a motive which is soon exposed – because secrets can really never be kept secret. In order to find her own redemption, she knows she must make a choice to give them back their lives in Amish Country. And whether she remains part of their lives will have a lot to do with how much she has grown to love them.

Dove Review

This story has a lot to say regarding the topic of love. Sarah Cain is a columnist for a respected newspaper but her creative juices have been running low and her readership has been dwindling. Her boyfriend, Brian, is quite serious about her although she somehow seems oblivious to it. Then one day she receives a life-changing phone call that her sister, Ivy, has died. Sarah and Ivy had been raised together in an orphanage until Ivy fell in love with an Amish man and converted to his faith and became his wife. Sarah never quite forgave her for leaving her behind.

Now the five children Ivy and her husband had need a parent as the oldest child is sixteen and won’t be able to care for her younger brothers and sisters until she is eighteen. Sarah has been made the guardian of the children by her sister and she decides to move the children to the city to live with her. The resulting experiences and episodes make for some interesting story telling. When Sarah begins writing about the children’s experiences in her column, her readership begins to soar. Ultimately, Sarah finds that there are people who genuinely love her. She just didn’t have her eyes open.

There are minor issues of content in this film. This is a movie that will make the viewer think and it will simultaneously entertain. We gladly award our Dove Seal to this film and encourage our readers to watch it. It has some touching moments in it. We recommend it for all ages as it has so many good things in it, but as always we encourage parents to consult the content chart below to make their own informed choices.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Kissing by adult couple; an Amish girl who attends a public school and wears jeans for the first time is given a note in class that says she looks "hot" in her tight jeans. She eventually goes back to her former attire.
Language: G-1
Violence: None
Drugs: Smoking by an adult.
Nudity: Cleavage.
Other: A driver calls another driver an idiot; an Amish teen tries driving his aunt's car with others in the car and he runs through a fence and has a few close calls but no one is hurt; a married man talks briefly on the phone to a single woman he is interested in; a character who is angry with another character says the man needs to have a heart attack; some belching which the kids say is an Amish way of saying they enjoyed the meal.


Company: 20th Century Fox Home Ent.
Writer: Brian Bird and Cindy Kelley and Beverly Lewis
Producer: Brian Bird
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 103 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter