The Christmas Star: The True Story

DVD Release: October 6, 2009
The Christmas Star: The True Story


The real Christmas story presented in three chapters: “The Birth/ When was it?” “The Wisemen/ Who were they?” and “The Star/ What was it?”

The teaching is done by Barry Setterfield, a physics, astronomy and geology researcher, and an internationally recognized lecturer for the past 27 years. Barry’s work has centered on narrowing the gap between standard science and Biblical creation. In “The Christmas Star” Barry combines Biblical scripture, historical fact and astronomical happenings to strip away tradition and reveal the truth behind the events leading up to, and following the birth of Christ.

Dove Review

This presentation attempts to re-examine the traditions surrounding the birth of Jesus. Host Julie Kennedy and lecturer Barry Setterfield attempt to narrow down the time frame of the birth of Jesus. Setterfield challenges some long standing traditions regarding whether or not Joseph and Mary actually stayed at an inn, what date Jesus was born on, and the tradition of the Magi, or three wisemen. In fact, some Christians who hold to the belief of the story of the innkeeper and the three wisemen may actually find themselves challenging Setterfield as he attempts to challenge them.

Setterfield attempts to use astronomy and what he says are original meanings of words used in scripture to back up his beliefs. It is a concern that this DVD is called “The Christmas Star: The True Story” because there will be those who will not believe it is the true story due to its alarming disagreements with church tradition. The lectures basically amount to, “This is what you have believed for years and you are wrong!” Unfortunately, the lectures add little useful information. On a positive note, there are scripture readings of the birth of Jesus and of Bethlehem in the DVD which adds a nice touch. We do award the Dove Seal to the film for ages twelve and up, as the controversy and subject matter will make it difficult for the very young to sit through. Older viewers may find it interesting as they search scriptures to see if they agree with Setterfield or not.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: The subject is a bit controversial, stating that there was no Innkeeper who turned Joseph and Mary away, that Jesus' birth was probably in September, and that there were no three wisemen, but a different group who followed the Eastern Star instead.


Company: Wesscott Marketing Inc
Writer: Barry and Helen Setterfield
Director: Calvin Kennedy
Producer: Fredom Film and Video, Calvin and Julie Kennedy
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 62 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter