Against A Crooked Sky

Theatrical Release: June 15, 1991
DVD Release: September 14, 2010
Against A Crooked Sky


This is a gripping adventure story of family love and devotion, of heroism and sacrifices made by the pioneers who tamed the Wild West. Young Sam Isaac risks his life to track down and rescue his sister, captured by savage Indians. Befriended by a grizzly trapper, warmly portrayed by veteran motion picture and television star Richard Boone, the boy faces an ultimate test of courage…in a land that time forgot!

Dove Review

This is an adventurous movie of one young boy’s journey to find his sister who was taken by a mysterious band of Indians that no one has ever seen. Young Sam will not give up and along with his crazy guide, Russia, he risks his life to save his sister.

Sam’s sister always taught him things from the Bible, including the idea that if you love someone, you should be willing to give up your life for them. Sam carried that idea with him and when he finds her he must pass a test of endurance to take her place.

Everyone must remember that this movie was made in the 70s and not everything in this movie is politically correct, but it is a charming story of the old west. With the beautiful scenery and a crazy prospector to add to its credits, it is an entertaining dramatic tale. We award this movie the Dove “Family-Approved” 12+ Seal.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: None
Language: D-1; H-3; Frickin-1; O Dear God-1
Violence: Indians break into cabin; Indians chase young boy and sister; girl kidnapped from family; man discusses slitting his son's throat; man slumped on horse which had been shot; fight between men and Indians; scene of dog that had been killed; Indians killed in fight; man stabs another man while he sleeps and accuses woman of doing wrong; woman is shot with an arrow.
Drugs: Man has a still; man drinking from a jug; man is drunk.
Nudity: Woman seen and it is assumed she is swimming naked in lake.
Other: A woman takes another woman's place after the woman was wrongfully accused.


Company: Echo Bridge Home Entertainment
Director: Earl Bellamy
Producer: Joe Jackman
Genre: Adventure
Runtime: 90 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Starring: Richard Boone, Geoffrey Land and Stewart Petersen
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe