Bob the Builder: Three Musketrucks

DVD Release: May 6, 2008
Bob the Builder: Three Musketrucks


Everyone’s favorite builder and his Can-Do Crew join together to get the job done in five stories. Every episode finishes with a job well done and a lesson learned about the value of positive attitude, problem solving and teamwork. Bob the Builder always demonstrates that “The Fun Is In Getting It Done!” Stories include “Dodger the Milktruck”, “The Three Musketrucks”, “Dodger’s Dairy Disaster”,”Scrambler the Goat Herder”, and “Packer’s Big Delivery”.

Dove Review

Bob the Builder-The Three Musketrucks

Dodger the Milk Truck-

Bob is building a new house for Meg and her new truck Dodger but when Dodger arrives in town there isn’t anyone around to greet him. Dodger doesn’t think anyone cares about his arrival but he soon learns that everyone is excited about him, and they are just busy getting ready to surprise him with a welcome party!

The Three Musketrucks-

Scrambler, Dodger and Packer want to play the Three Musketrucks but they must first go to pick up supplies down at the docks for Bob. The three friends are in such a hurry to get the supplies they end up taking the wrong load and have to start all over again! Can the Three Musketrucks work together to fix their mistake and still have time for fun?

Dodger’s Dairy Disaster-

Bob is building a creamery to make cheese in Sunflower Valley. Dodger is put in charge of picking up all the supplies to go into the cheese but when he tries too hard to get other friends to like him, he spills the supplies and they get all mixed together! Can Bob and his friends turn this mess Dodger has made into the perfect cheese masterpiece?

Scrambler the Goat Herder-

Bob is fixing an old barn into a weaving studio for Meg. Scrambler is sent to get Giddy the goat from Snowcap Mountain and deliver her to Farmer Pickles shearing station. Scrambler tries many times to get the goat to cooperate with no luck; can he figure out what he is doing wrong with the goat in time to complete his task?

Packers Big Delivery-

A store is being built in Sunflower valley. Mrs. Bentley the store owner has put Packer in charge of going all around to different places to get the supplies she needs for the store. Scrambler offers to help Packer and to show him where all the stops are to pick up the supplies. At the last stop, Packer tells Scrambler he doesn’t need his help anymore and sends him away but then Packer gets stuck and is in need of help! Can Gertie the goat go get Packer’s friends to come save him from being stuck on the mountain?

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Company: 20th Century Fox Home Ent.
Genre: Children
Runtime: 45 min.
Reviewer: Michele Bond