Run Fat Boy Run

Theatrical Release: March 28, 2008
Run Fat Boy Run


Five years ago Dennis (Pegg) was at the altar about to marry Libby (Newton), his pregnant fiancée. He got cold feet and ran for the hills and he’s been going in circles ever since. When Dennis discovers Libby’s hooked up with high-flying-go-getter Whit (Azaria), he realizes it’s now or never. He enters a marathon to show he’s more than a quitter but then finds out just how much sweat, strain and tears it takes to run for 26 miles. Nobody gives him a chance but Dennis knows this is his only hope to more than a running joke.

Dove Review

“Run Fatboy Run” is a cute, quirky comedy starring Simon Pegg of “Shaun of the Dead” and “Hot Fuzz.” Pegg plays Dennis Doyle, and the film opens on his ill-fated wedding day. In a panic, Dennis runs away from Libby, his pregnant bride-to-be, leaving her alone at the altar. Several years later, Dennis discovers that a well-off, successful, handsome marathon runner is courting Libby and competing for the affections of his young son. He decides to run a marathon, in the hopes that his efforts will impress Libby, whom he still loves.

What starts out as an effort to win his family back becomes something more, as Dennis takes a long, hard look at the mistakes he has made, and realizes that he needs to have confidence in himself and see something through to the end. It did provide some laugh-out-loud moments. Unfortunately, due to the accumulation of objectionable content, Dove cannot award our Seal to this film for family viewing.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Many sexual references throughout; some kissing between man and woman; lead character has a child from a previous relationship and is obviously having a sexual relationship outside of marriage.
Language: F-1 (mouthed); S-8; B-3; A-5; H-5; GD-2; Pr*ck-2; Slang for female breasts-2; Man lets out a burst of swearing, but it is bleeped out so you can’t hear anything.
Violence: Some mild comic violence as two men scuffle; man hits man with spatula as “motivation” to keep running; man beaten up off camera because he can’t pay his gambling debts (some minor scratches on his face are shown).
Drugs: Lead characters smoke cigarettes throughout movie; drinking in several scenes; lead character is visibly drunk.
Nudity: Rear male nudity in two scenes; men without shirts; women in bikinis; cleavage in a couple scenes; a couple scenes where men are naked after showering, wearing only a towel; man is naked in a locker room in front of another man, and he powders his nether regions while the view is blocked by another man’s head.
Other: Some potty humor; flatulence; gambling.


Company: New Line Cinema
Writer: Michael Ian Black and Simon Pegg
Director: David Schwimmer
Producer: Sarah Curtis
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 100 min.
Reviewer: Samantha Vandersloot