Paws and Tales: The Animated Series Episode 1 – 13

DVD Release: August 1, 2008
Paws and Tales: The Animated Series Episode 1 – 13


Paws and Tales began in September 2001, as a weekly children’s radio drama, based on a book by Chuck Swindoll. Produced by Insight for Living, and broadcasting on 450 outlets throughout North America, each episode of Paws and Tales serves up a cast of lovable animal characters who experience exciting adventures. An original song is included in each episode to encapsulate and reinforce the lesson.

In 2004, Providential Pictures signed a multiple episode deal with Insight for Living to produce the first-ever animated video series of this popular radio drama. Keen on raising the bar on the quality of faith-based animated product available, Providential Pictures hired a top level animation team to begin producing the series. The first episode, “Seeing the Unseen”, was completed during 2004. Following the critical success of the pilot episode, production immediately began on a second episode, “A Closer Look”, which was completed in June 2005.

Early in 2006, the decision was made to move from producing individual episodes, to producing a full season, consisting of 13 episodes. At this time, it was also determined that a change would be made in animation formats, from 3D to Flash animation. The first season of 13 Flash animated episodes of Paws and Tales The Animated Series® was completed in August 2007, and production of the second season is scheduled to be complete in August 2008.

Dove Review

Episode One: “A Good Shepherd”. Paw Paw Chuck’s friend Ezra is a sheep herder and needs someone to help with the sheep. Ezra has to go away for the day. CJ stays with the sheep and has a couple of problems. He prays to God for help and in the end is rewarded for his good deed. This is a very pleasant animated story which all ages should enjoy. It has been awarded the Dove “Family-Approved” Seal.

Episode Two: “ A Good Foundation”. This animated series includes fun topics, life lessons, and learning about God. In this story Stacy, Ned, CJ, Marsha, and Gooz. learn how to build a sturdy foundation for their clubhouse. They also learn that having God in you life helps build a sturdy foundation for your faith to grow.

Episode Three: “High Noon”. This story starts at school where the 3rd graders, CJ and Hugh, are on the playground. Hugh is bullying CJ. CJ’s friends defend him. Hugh tells them his cousin Joey is coming on Saturday. When Joey comes to town he is very worried about his mom. CJ and his friends tell Joey the best way to handle a problem is to pray about it. Joey does and everything turns out ok. This series helps us to understand how powerful God is.

Episode Four: “Tiffany Cometh”. This story shows us how it is important to stand your ground when someone has done the wrong thing. Miss Harbor is the teacher in Wildwood. She gets a new student named Tiffany. Tiffany has Ned help her with her schoolwork and ends up cheating. Miss Harbor handles the situation, but it causes her a real problem. So she goes home and says prayers to the lord to help her with the problem. The lord helps to right the wrong. This story has been awarded The “Family-Approved” Seal.

Episode Five: “To Have and Give Not”. In this animated story, the school in Wildwood is damaged by a storm. The club is saving some money, and they decide to help fix the school. They have an unfortunate turn of events and they wind up not being able to help fix the school. Paw Paw Chuck manages to take care of things. What this shows is how God looks over you no matter how hard things are. This is a very joyful story and the whole family while enjoy it.

Episode Six: “Grace to Hugh”. In this story it shows how Hugh made a mistake and was forgiven for what he did. This also shows how God forgives us for our sins. God also helps us learn from our mistakes. This is a very interesting story.

Episode Seven: “Every Good Thing”. In this story regarding Christmas and the custom of gift giving, Miss Harbor does a gift exchange at school . Money is not allowed to be used. This shows how God sent Jesus to us. Also that God judges us by what we have done. This story helps families to understand the true spirit of Christmas and giving.

Episode Eight: “ The Princess”. This story begins with the town’s rich benefactor coming to visit. Staci has a dream in which her father can fix everybody’s problems. She soon learns some valuable lessons. This story shows the need to believe in the power of prayer and yourself. This episode reveals a very good life lesson for children.

Episode Nine: “The Gift”. This animated story starts out in the town of Wildwood. The town bully Hugh is bullying CJ because he is a little different than other people. Chi’s friend Gooz sticks up for him. This story shows how God made all of us a little different.

Episode Ten: “And Then There Were None”. The club members CJ, Staci, Ned, Marsha, and Gooz have a disagreement about rules. So everybody goes their own way. Paw Paw Chuck helps them figure out they can have different ideas. They just need to compromise and work things out. God gives rules for a reason- to keep us safe.

Episode Eleven:“Hullabaloo on Bunker Hill” CJ, Staci and Hugh meet on Bunker Hill to look over a soapbox derby car. There is an accident and it puts Staci in the hospital. CJ is so sure Hugh wanted Staci to get hurt he gets Hugh in a lot of trouble. Then CJ, Hugh and Staci all have to learn to forgive each other. This is a great story on how God helps us to forgive others.

Episode Twelve: “The Tribe”. Hugh and his two friends are picking on CJ. CJ decides to try and become friends with them. So he takes them to his favorite fishing hole. The other members of the club come there and are upset because CJ brought Hugh and his friends . This shows how Jesus wants us all to get along. God and Jesus try to help people see that.

Episode Thirteen:“Correction Course” Paw Paw Chuck goes to Mrs. Collins to help her remodel her house. The kids go along and help unpack some trunks. The kids get into trouble and Paw Paw Chuck has to scold them. This story shows children why parents try to teach them right from wrong. We all could learn a lot from this story.

This series easily receives the Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for great family viewing. We award it five Doves, our highest rating.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: Providential Pictures
Producer: Cliff McDowell
Genre: Children
Runtime: 286 min.
Starring: Braeden Soltys; Eric Baesel; Ashley Botting; Jessica Tyler; Chrishon Gambarotto; David Heath; Scott Nichol; Alvin Chui; Bradley Ernst
Reviewer: Judy Horan