The Adventures of Black Stallion: Season 3

DVD Release: May 27, 2008
The Adventures of Black Stallion: Season 3


Inspired by Walter Farley’s best-selling novels, this spirited adventure series revolves around a wild Arabian stallion-turned-racehorse named the “Black” and the only one who can ride him, young Alec Ramsay (Richard Ian Cox, RV). In this complete third season, Alec and the Black are challenged to a high-stakes race by a rival jockey and are the targets of an elaborate robbery plot. They also race the circuit in France, where the competition is the Black’s greatest yet—and where the crown will be up for grabs if Alec and the Black don’t pull a perfect performance. Co-starring Mickey Rooney (Night at the Museum).

Dove Review

This series third season set contains twenty six episodes.

In episode one, Nicole rushes to her mother who has fallen ill in Paris. Nicole doesn’t want to leave her mother in Paris, and her mother sends for her horse and trainer (Mickey Rooney) so she can race.

In episode two, Alex, who is worried about Nicole, does not have his mind on the race. Nicole has a dream of becoming a jockey and winds up in a race too.

In episode three, Alex finds himself facing some competition for Nicole’s affection.

In episode four, Alec is hesitant to accept help when the horse is injured.

In episode five, The Black is missing and some people bring the wrong horse for a reward; Alec and Nicole break loose and see some French sites.

In episode six, “Seeing Double”, the story reveals a man who apparently is Nicole’s father but he possibly has a shady past and he is being blackmailed.

In episode seven, after weeks of no competing a major race looms for Alec and The Black and Alec faces not only the other horse, but an arrogant jockey.

In episode eight, after winning a major victory, Alec faces a new challenge when The Black inexplicably loses and actually slows down during a race

In episode nine, a young man has a nightmare about stampeding horses and then shortly afterward finds that a white stallion wants to run him down, but why?

In episode ten, The Black is suddenly hyper and sowing wild oats. The question is: what’s up?

In episode eleven, Henry and his nephew take a trip but their vehicle breaks down which leads to some concerns.

In episode twelve, Alec faces a local hero in a race, and the jockey thinks very highly of himself.

In episode thirteen, a fellow jockey challenges Alec and his measure as a man and quality as a jockey, saying that anyone could win races while riding The Black.

In episode fourteen, Nicole faces not being taken seriously as a rider, because she’s a woman.

In episode fifteen, can The Black beat a horse named Silver? Alec will have to defeat the horse’s rider, a man who doesn’t mind cheating to win.

In episode sixteen, Alec falls for a lovely but unscrupulous trainer and learns a hard lesson as her horse is treated better than he is.

In episode seventeen, Nicole receives a spectacular birthday present, a horse, but the horse suffers a mysterious injury and may have to be put down.

In episode eighteen, a young man who races around town in his fast car shows an interest in Nicole, but could he be bad news for her?

In episode nineteen, Henry’s friend, a young woman bound to a wheelchair, is in danger of losing a center she runs for the physically handicapped, but she is opposed to accepting help.

In episode twenty, Alec feels as if there are no legitimate competitors left to challenge him in New Zealand. When he is offered an opportunity to work on a dream team, he faces some tough decisions.

In episode twenty one, a friend of Nicole, who is an author, has her join her to explore some caves as part of her plans to write a book. However, things turn tragic when a young man uses explosives in the cave.

In episode twenty two, Henry’s nephew faces a dilemma when a relative shows up who wants to take him from his happy life with Henry, and Alec and Nicole.

In episode twenty three, Alec and Nicole have some fun at the beach, but Alec nearly drowns. He develops hypothermia. Nicole and The Black stay with Alec as Black Tide goes for help.

In episode twenty four, The Black might not get to race for a time unless Henry can overcome some obstacles in Wellington, placed there by some powerful people.

In episode twenty five, Henry reminisces about The Black, as he talks with a reporter. The question is: has The Black’s prime come and gone?

In episode twenty six, The Black defends a young mare, which is in trouble due to a wild stallion.

This is a wholesome series, with good stories, which easily is awarded our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Kissing
Language: Some name calling; no profanity.
Violence: A few scuffles, nothing graphic; an opponent momentarily points a gun Alec's way to show his power but nothing happens; a young man plans to use dynamite as he explores a cave and a woman is inadvertently hurt.
Drugs: Drinks are seen in a scene.
Nudity: Shirtless men.
Other: A few episodes deal with betrayal, trying to deceive people, and a few cheaters, and so forth but nothing without consequences or intensely over the top; a few arrogant characters who are brought down.


Company: Echo Bridge Home Entertainment
Producer: Jana Veverka
Genre: Television
Runtime: 624 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter