Finding Rin Tin Tin

DVD Release: September 16, 2008
Finding Rin Tin Tin


Shot in 2007, FINDING RIN TIN TIN is based on the true story of an American corporal and his world renowned German Sheppard dog, RIN TIN TIN. The story begins with Corporal Lee Duncan, stationed in France during World War 1, who rescues a mother and her three German Sheppard puppies. Lee gives the mother and two puppies away, but keeps his favorite puppy, which he lovingly names Rin Tin Tin. When the General warns that keeping a young rambunctious dog is not permitted, Duncan discovers a solution is at hand–expert dog handler, German Nikolaus Egger, Rin Tin Tin’s mother’s original owner, is being held as a POW on their base. At first, Egger is hesitant to help Duncan, but soon warms to him, and though on opposite sides of the war the two men become friends. Egger teaches Rin Tin Tin with patience and kindness, and soon the dog learns amazing skills, such as bringing first aid to soldiers on the battlefield. After the Great War is over, Rin Tin Tin returns home with Duncan and goes on to star in 14 feature films from 1920–1931 and was considered to be one of Hollywood’s top movie stars.

Dove Review

“Finding Rin Tin Tin” has some good moments. Of course it also has scenes of dog flatulence and belching, and the dog consuming alcohol. But overall, it is a pretty good one for the family as it doesn’t contain strong language, and Rin Tin Tin comes to the rescue on more than one occasion. Corporal Lee Duncan (Tyler Jensen) takes a liking to the dog and persuades his commander to let him keep him.

Ben Cross gives a brief but strong performance as a German prisoner named Nikolaus who works with Duncan to train the dog. Duncan learns that the dog can be trained to find lost humans as he has a strong sense of smell. In fact, a short time later he helps find a lost girl. The dog can pull five times his own weight and he is fiercely loyal. Rin Tin Tin gets to display all of these qualities in the film. We learn by film’s end that he traveled to American after the war and starred in over 25 motion pictures! This is a film which will leave you smiling. We happily award it our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: None
Language: Bloody-1; OML-1
Violence: A character is hit by a bullet in his plane but there is no blood shown.
Drugs: Some scenes with consumption of alcohol including the dog drinking some.
Nudity: None
Other: Dog flatulence and belching; human flatulence and belching; a thief steals something but is caught; the cook promises to feed dog but lies; a dog urinates in man's drink and he drinks it; gambling at cards but a man gives back the money he wins after having help in the game by Rin Tin Tin; the cook is selling some of the food rations; a woman is nipped in the rear by dog.


Company: First Look Studios
Writer: David Rolland and Jim Tierney
Director: Danny Lerner
Producer: George Furla, Kirk M. Hallam and Les Weldon
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 92 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter