The Perfect Game

Theatrical Release: April 16, 2010
DVD Release: August 2, 2011
The Perfect Game


From the director of Angels in the Outfield comes the incredible true story of the underdog foreign Little League team who inspired two nations. Clifton Collins Jr. (Star Trek) heads an all-star line-up of some of Hollywood’s brightest young stars as Cesar, who returns to his native Monterey, Mexico after his major league career is cut short. Moises Arias (Hannah Montana), Jake T. Austin (Wizards of Waverly Place) and Ryan Ochoa (iCarly) costar as impoverished baseball-loving kids who recruit him to coach their rag-tag team. Together, they beat the odds and overcome hardships and bigotry to compete in the 1957 Little League World Series. Screen favorites Cheech Marin (Spy Kids), Lou Gossett Jr. (Iron Eagle), Bruce McGill (Animal House), Emilie de Ravin (Lost) and David Koechner (Anchorman) are featured in this uplifting story in the winning tradition of Hoosiers that Boxoffice magazine cheered as “inspiring, richly entertaining, heartfelt…a perfect family movie.”

Dove Review

This is a fantastic film! I enjoyed myself the entire time. I never once checked my watch to see what time it was. One man said to me as I was leaving the theater, “I’m going to go see that again!”

The story is full of humorous moments as the young Mexican teammates and their coach face the challenges of poverty and racism in the 1950s. The whole team has plenty of grit. In one scene a player cut his foot on glass and his coach tells him he cannot play on that foot. “Then I will play on the other,” he replies.

The story focuses on the young baseball team, but there is a strained relationship of a son who wants his father’s blessing, and a budding romance between the coach and a single woman in town. Louis Gossett Jr. turns in a nice performance as an instrumental character who helps the Monterey team. He turns out to be a famous star from the Negro Leagues of yesteryear.

The script, the acting, music, directing, and everything comes together nicely. The Perfect Game is the perfect spring movie for the family. We gladly award this wonderful film five Doves, our highest rating. Take your family out to the old ball game, or in this case, this movie. This film hits a homerun!

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: None
Language: A couple uses of "stupid" and one of "moron"; Holy cow-1; Butt-2
Violence: A fight between a couple of kids.
Drugs: One character has a beer.
Nudity: None
Other: A man grieves over the death of his son and is hard on his remaining son; the kids steal money from a wishing well but another character puts it back; a player on the championship team admits to swiping a pen from the president's office at the White House; the team deals with prejudice including not being allowed to use a restroom.


Company: Image Entertainment
Director: William Dear
Producer: Daniel de Liege
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 103 min.
Starring: Clifton Collins Jr, Cheech Marin, Emilie de Ravin, Jake T. Austin (Wizards of Waverly Place), Moises Arias (Hannah Montana), Jansen Panettiere (The X’s) Ryan Ochoa (iCarly) Patricia Manterola, and Louis Gosset Jr.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter