Theatrical Release: September 19, 2008
DVD Release: January 20, 2009


“Igor,” is a playfully irreverent comedy which brings a new twist to the classic monster genre. It tells the story of a mad scientist’s hunchbacked lab assistant who has big dreams of becoming a scientist in his own right and winning the coveted first place award at the annual Evil Science Fair.

Dove Review

“Igor” is a character who wants to be seen as more than a hunchback. He listens to the evil king who has told the community for years that doing evil and inventing evil creations (such as robots) is what they should focus on. Igor creates a woman, named Eva, who has two different sized arms and is much larger than he is. However, she isn’t evil. In fact, she is kind and refuses to bend to the king’s decree. She also discovers that Igor is, by nature, a kind being.

The film has some clever moments, including a scene in which Igor says to another character, “I have a hunch on my back. Did you think I would be called Kevin?” Also, a living brain in a jar, who has legs, has his name mis-spelled as “Brian” on the jar, and to the brain’s chagrin, everyone calls him “Brian”. The movie has several tongue-in-cheek moments in which the characters, by their dialog, seem to wink at the audience. And the myriad number of contraptions in the film are interesting, as is the look of the film. In one scene a brain is actually run through a car-wash like machine in order to be “brainwashed”. The film has an imaginative background and setting. It includes a clip of Bela Lugosi, and John Cusack does a nice job in voicing Igor. However, it does include a lot of violence, although most of it is cartoon type violence and slapstick. It does have a bit too much happening on the screen at times, but the imagination in the picture is on a big level.

The characters have been brainwashed to believe they should make evil choices, but this is cleared up by film’s end. Our Dove readers should consult the content listing below. This movie will not be for everyone and is definitely recommended for ages twelve and above. However, it doesn’t hit a level three rating in any category, which would prevent us from awarding our Dove Seal to the movie. It does hit a level two in violence but again, the violence is cartoon-like in its nature. For those who enjoy a bit of dark humor, and fantastic animation, with tongue-in-cheek moments, this movie will be for you. We are pleased to award the film our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal. This hunchback doesn’t live in Notre Dame. He is appearing at your local theater! Don’t take him too seriously, and you’ll enjoy him.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: A couple of kissing scenes.
Language: G/OMG-3; D-1; "Idiot"-1; Butt-1
Violence: A creature is flattened but lives; a character is thrown like a bowling bowl; objects are thrown at characters; a few characters are struck with a punch; one character says "Let's go hurt some old people"; a comment about "blowing your head off"; a comment by a character who sends out his new creation and says "I feel like I am sending my kid off to school for the first time to learn how to murder" yet the character winds up being good; a character is chased with an axe; a character is kicked; a character fights off several other creatures; an object falls on a king.
Drugs: A character takes a drink.
Nudity: Strong cleavage by one character.
Other: A comment about shoving a pickle where the sun doesn't shine; a brain is put in a skull; a comment which is "That's so evil and I think it's great"; a comment about curbing suicidal tendencies; a character is told she has an ugly face; a character says "This isn't the sexiest me".


Company: MGM/UA
Director: Anthony Leondis
Producer: John D. Eraklis
Genre: Children
Runtime: 87 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter