Thou Shalt Laugh 3

DVD Release: November 11, 2008
Thou Shalt Laugh 3


Join Host Sinbad as he shares with the audience the comic talents of Thor Ramsey, Horace HB Sanders, Lisa Alvarado, Leanne Morgan and Taylor Mason. You will be in stiches but it will feel good! These comics can be enjoyed by the entire family. Let the laughs begin!

Dove Review

You may not die laughing, but you’ll be in stitches! This funny DVD features several comedians, including the following: Sinbad (the host), Horace HB Sanders, Lisa Alvarado, Thor Ramsey, Leanne Morgan, and Taylor Mason.

Sinbad is quite hysterical as the host, taking questions from the audience, “any question”, and giving spontaneous and funny replies. He begins by saying that Christians are tougher than people realize. “We smite, smote, and cut off heads!” he says. A couple of the questions he fields are: “Why are we here?” “Because we’re taping a show!” he responds to the audience’s laughter. It may not be what the person wanted to know, having perhaps a deeper spiritual question in mind, but everyone seems happy with Sinbad’s response. “How do you explain the trinity?” asks an audience member. “There are three!” he replies.

Each comedian has some good moments, with Thor Ramsey and Taylor Mason really bringing out the big laughs from the audience. Thor’s act includes the topic of the lack of customer service these days. He mentions asking a young man who works at Taco Bell what the difference is between two food items. The young man shrugged his shoulders. Thor suggests when people receive bad customer service, they should apply for the job, move up to management, and fire the entire staff! In another anecdote, he says his wife cuts the little hairs out of his ears to make sure he always hears every word she says.

Taylor Mason gets the audience involved with his act, and when he has a couple come on stage to help him with a “new” dummy named Brian, it is quite funny. When a dummy falls off a chair and the people gasp, he says, “It’s NOT REAL! Calm down!” Another funny example of how people act as if the dummies are real is when he was on the “Tonight Show” and the boom operator couldn’t pick up Mason’s voice for the dummy because every time the dummy spoke the boom operator moved the microphone over to the dummy! His impression of seeking help at Home Depot is hilarious, as it represents all of us who have needed help at one time and couldn’t find any. He has his dummy pretend he is at Home Depot, and he says, “Hello?” and there is an echo. Then, when he says, “Help?” There is another echo in the store! Funny stuff for sure.

The humor is clean, although the topic of sex is mentioned a few times but nothing graphic is said. Thor says, “God created sex and God is good!” A few innuendos are there which the adults will pick up on. The word “Hell” is used as a location four times but the language is wholesome in the DVD. This DVD will hit your funny bone at some point and we highly recommend it and happily award it our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal. You won’t have to be commanded to laugh when you watch this-it will come naturally!

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: A few innuendos and a brief discussion on sex but nothing graphic.
Language: H-4(As a location)
Violence: None
Drugs: Just the mention of a nine year old kid who was smoking.
Nudity: None
Other: Some comedy about how people fail in keeping the commandments.


Company: Grace Hill Media
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 94 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter