Theatrical Release: October 17, 2008


Whether you love him or hate him, there is no question that George W. Bush is one of the most controversial public figures in recent memory. In an unprecedented undertaking, acclaimed director Oliver Stone is bringing the life of our 43rd President to the big screen as only he can. W. takes viewers through Bush’s eventful life-his struggles and triumphs, how he found both his wife and his faith, and of course the critical days leading up to Bush’s decision to invade Iraq.

Dove Review

Although this is a comedy I did not find much humor in the entire film. There is under age drinking, a hazing at a college frat house and some political understatements. I am not quite sure who would really want to see this movie. At times it makes our present President look like a complete idiot and I am not sure if this is based on truth or fiction. At other times it makes George W. Bush look like a man who has always wanted approval from his father but never really has gotten it. Then there is the flip flop back and forth of past and present.

I do have to comment that the only good part of this movie was the cast. The roles were perfectly portrayed by stars that acted their parts to the fullest. But other than that the movie needs help. Dove cannot award our Seal to this movie due to content listed below.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Discussion of young woman being pregnant; reference to "Chasing tail".
Language: F-2, S-6, A-6, GD-1, J-1, D-2
Violence: George has bloody nose at jail; frat boys are hitting and forcing new recruits to drink in a hazing; scenes of protesters; scenes of war; rifles hanging on wall.
Drugs: Smoking of cigars; cigarettes; chewing tobacco, alcohol consumption by many people; alcohol consumption by under age students; hazing at college involving alcohol being forced on other boys; drinking and driving with underage brother who is drinking; bar scenes.
Nudity: Frat boys are shirtless; man and woman in undergarments.
Other: Man almost chokes on pretzel; an obscene hand gesture; man collapses while running; disrespect between father and son.


Company: Lionsgate
Director: Oliver Stone
Producer: Bill Block
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 129 min.
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe