The Tale of Despereaux

Theatrical Release: December 19, 2008
DVD Release: April 7, 2009
The Tale of Despereaux


Tiny and graced with over-sized ears, Despereaux was born too big for his little world. Refusing to live his life cowering, he befriends a Princess named Pea and learns to read (rather than eat) books — reveling in stories of knights, dragons and fair maidens. Banished from Mouseworld for being more man than mouse, Despereaux is rescued by another outcast, Roscuro, who also wants to hear the tales. But when the Princess dismisses Roscuro’s friendship, he becomes the ultimate rat and plots revenge with fellow outsider Mig. After Pea is kidnapped, Despereaux discovers he is the only one who can rescue her…and that even the tiniest mouse can find the courage of a knight in shining armor.

Dove Review

All good fairy tales start with “Once Upon A Time” and so does this lovable tale of a mouse who is different from most mice and an out of town rat who is nothing like his local cousins. “Despereaux” is a wonderful story of courage, honor and decency. It is also a tale of jealousy, hope and forgiveness. Plus it would not be a fairy tale if it did not include a King, a princess and a knight.

Despereaux is a very small mouse as an unlikely hero. But he shows that outside appearances may be deceiving. As this little mouse tries to be his own person and stand for courage, honor and decency, even his own parents can not see the truth. That it is OK to to be different and challenge conventional thinking.

“The Tale of Despereaux” is a truly delightful story that the entire family will enjoy together for years to come.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: None
Language: G-1
Violence: Mild violence as Knights chase rat; Knights have mild sword fights, Gladiatorial arena scene; Implied that a cat eats bad rat.
Drugs: none
Nudity: none
Other: Magical cook book; Death of the Queen


Company: Universal Pictures
Writer: Gary Ross
Director: Sam Fell and Robert Stevenhagen
Genre: Animated
Starring: The Voices of: Emma Watson, Dustin Hoffman, Matthew Broderick, Frank Langella, Sigourney Weaver, Christopher Lloyd, Robbie Coltrane, Kevin Kline, William H. Macy and Stanley Tucci
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe