Theatrical Release: March 6, 2009
DVD Release: October 20, 2009


Clancy Miller (Christina Dawn Fougnie) is an abused 12 year old who runs away to keep from getting taken away by social workers. Out on the streets she meets up with Nick (Jefferson Moore), an ill-tempered. homeless veteran.

A corrupt mayor (J. Robert Bailey) desperate for re-election, privately offers Nick a reward to keep the missing girl out of sight for a few days; the mayor’s secret plan – to “find her” in grand fashion in an attempt to gain favor with the voters, who would view him as a hero.

A scuffle with a loan shark sends Nick and Clancy on the lam out of the city and into the nearby countryside. With this new development, the mayor’s ambitions heighten with the prospect of a manhunt across county lines – culminating in a military style rescue / ambush on the unsuspecting derelict as the TV news cameras roll.

Dove Review

“Clancy” is a young girl with a resilient spirit that stems from her amazing faith in God. She trusts God with every moment in her life no matter how tragic that life may be. Her drug addicted, alcoholic mother shows her little love, blaming Clancy for their meager means.

Wanting to help, Clancy believes that if she was not in the way, her mother may be able to get her life right so she runs away from home. On her journey Clancy meets a homeless man who befriends her and helps her learn how to survive on the streets.

This film is very inspirational but also portrays some rather harsh realities commonly seen in urban areas. However, Clancy never looses her connection with God and prays often for His guidance and protection. Dove is pleased to award “Clancy” our Dove Seal for ages 12 and over.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: None
Language: Minor name calling such as stupid, morons and pencil neck.
Violence: Mother slaps daughter which causes a bloody lip; man disarms another and a fight ensues; combat scene where man shoots enemy combatant which causes two deaths; police shoot at man, hitting an innocent person - some blood.
Drugs: Woman smokes and drinks; man smokes several times but is clearly reprimanded; woman disposes of pills and marijuana to avoid detection by authorities.
Nudity: None
Other: Mature subject matter such as drug addiction, child abuse, a young girl runs away from home and homelessness are present but these topics are handled in appropriate ways.


Company: EMI
Director: Jefferson Moore
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 106 min.
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe