Theatrical Release: August 14, 2009
DVD Release: March 16, 2010


When gifted singer-songwriter Charlotte Banks (Michalka) asks new kid in town Will Burton (Connell) to manage her fledgling rock band, she appears to have just one goal in mind: go head-to-head against her egotistical musician ex-boyfriend, Ben (Porter), at the biggest event of the year, a battle of the bands.

Against all odds, their band develops a sound all its own with a real shot at success in the contest. Meanwhile, romance brews between Will and Sa5m (Hudgens), who plays a mean guitar and has a voice to die for. When disaster strikes, its time for the band to make a choice: Do they admit defeat, or face the music and stand up for what they believe in?

Dove Review

Movies about teen-aged rock bands have been done before. So, what’s different about “Bandslam” you ask? Well, for one thing, this is actually a very good movie. Unlike most formula teen musicals, “Bandslam” is well-scripted with a charming storyline. The cast does a very believable job and the musical sequences are well placed and don’t dominate the story.

Moviegoers will enjoy the upbeat tempo of the film and the awesome music! Lessons of love, loss, friendship and commitment are all present. Kids who are going through an awkward stage and feel like they don’t quite fit in will be encouraged by the way these lovable misfits come together to create a close-knit group.

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Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: 5 Boy/Girl Kisses but fairly innocent; teen-aged boy kisses friend's mom - played for laughs.
Language: Minor name calling such as idiot and moron; G/OMG-5; Screw them-2; S*cks-1; Kick Butt-1
Violence: Boy pushed down by bully; a young child slaps a sleeping teacher.
Drugs: None
Nudity: Mom in medium cut top - played for laughs.
Other: Some topics such as the death of a parent (off screen) and another parent convicted of DUI is referred to in conversation


Company: Walden Media
Director: Todd Graff
Genre: Musical
Runtime: 130 min.
Starring: Gaelan Connell, Alyson Michalka, Vanessa Hudgens and Lisa Kudrow
Reviewer: Scott Rolfe