Bound By A Secret

DVD Release: May 4, 2010
Bound By A Secret


A drama that gets to the true meaning of friendship and what it means to let go, “Bound by a Secret” is a stirring story of life, loss and redemption. Jane is a famous actress who gave up everything to make it big. Ida Mae, her best friend, has always been content to stay in their hometown, close to those she loves. But when these two dynamically different women discover that Jane has terminal cancer, they must both find inner strength they never knew they had in order to face the future and a shocking secret from their past.

Dove Review

This is the story of two friends who have lived different lifestyles but have remained close all their lives, so close that you almost think they are sisters. Now they are challenged when Jane returns to stay with Ida, with the realization that she is terminally ill. Now their secret from years ago may change everyone’s world even those they both love dearly.

Years ago together they made a decision that both believed was the best for each of them. Jane wanted a career and Ida was the home-body that would make a good mom. So the decision was made that Ida would raise Kate, Jane’s daughter, as her own. But that secret is on Jane’s mind as her days are numbered and Ida has to face that not only is she facing the loss of her friend but may lose her daughter also.

This is a movie about family and friendships. This movie has been awarded the the Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for ages 12 and older.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Couple kiss
Language: D-2; Jeez-1
Violence: None
Drugs: Drinking Wine; man drinking beer; two men having drinks; woman taking medication for illness.
Nudity: None
Other: Giving a child to friend to raise as her own; woman with terminal breast cancer; woman passes away.


Company: Gaiam/Vivendi
Writer: Darrell V. Orme Mann, Ginnie Siena Bivona
Director: David s. Cass, Sr.
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 89 min.
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe