Pony Express Rider

DVD Release: September 14, 2010
Pony Express Rider


Jimmy D’s father was shot dead in cold blood, and now, he desperately wants to avenge his death. All he knows is the killer headed west – so Jimmy D joins the Pony Express in hopes of crossing paths with the murderer on the run. As he races across plains and desert, through sleepy settlements and frontier towns, Jimmy D carries both the U.S. mail and the memory of his father. A rousing western adventure with a coming-of-age story at it heart, Pony Express Rider is also a genuine look at America’s vibrant past.

Dove Review

This is a typical western where there is a good guy, the bad guy and a few crazy people. You also have the long horn cattle cowboys against the sheepherders, and we mustn’t forget the poor settler against the big rancher. But after Jimmy D’s father is murdered he intends to get justice and in doing so becomes a Pony Express rider.

This is not so much a story of revenge as it is a story about doing what is right. The old west was a rugged time and place as this movie demonstrates. But unfortunately some of the content puts it outside the Dove guidelines and it cannot be approved for the family.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: None
Language: D-7; Go to H-2; H-1; G/OMG-4; Be Danged-1
Violence: Man ropes young couple and drags them behind his horse; man drags young man behind horse; man threatens to kill young man; man punches another; discussion regarding beating up a man; two men fighting; man with bloody face; man shots another in the back; man with arrow in back; man shoots at Indians; buildings on fire; man threatens woman.
Drugs: Man smokes a pipe; men drinking; woman smokes a cigarette; man drinks and smokes.
Nudity: Women dressed as saloon girls; low cut dresses showing cleavage.
Other: Comments regarding Native Americas being red heathens; father disowning a son; conflict between cattle rancher and sheepherder.


Company: Echo Bridge Home Entertainment
Writer: Dan Greer, Hal Harrison, Jr.
Director: Robert Totten
Producer: Dan Greer, Hal Harrison, Jr.
Genre: Western
Runtime: 100 min.
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe