DVD Release: November 30, 2010


The movie Voices is a unique film and it is the story of Katherine, a strong southern woman who is the backbone of her family. She is patiently reading the Bible to her dad (a minister) as he lies dying in a hospital, when she loses her voice and can no longer read to him. She convinces her brother Greg to take her place, knowing that Greg will gain more from the experience than their dad. After the old minister’s death, Katherine’s daughter Erin begins dating a young man (Brad) that her mom sees as less than desirable. After many battles with both family and friends, Erin discovers that the boy she loves is not all she thought he was. After Brad’s arrest and the breakup, Erin is visiting him one last time in jail when she is killed in an auto accident. A Heartbroken Katherine, in an effort to act her way into a system of thinking, returns to teach a Bible study in a youth detention center. The door opens, and there stands Brad…asking to be forgiven.

Dove Review

“Voices” deals with the different voices which we hear in this life: voices crying out for help, voices of pain, voices of encouragement; voices which pray and quote scripture; voices of reason, etc. This film features a few different stories which end up tying in together. A womanizer named Greg Matthews (Thad Haygood) owns his own insurance agency and when a woman comes in to see about lowering her insurance he suggests she raises it. He doesn’t want to spend any time with his dying father either. But soon he finds himself reading the Bible to his father, a dying pastor, and missing his ex-wife whom he treated badly. Is there still time for Greg to hear God’s voice and for his life to change? Greg’s sister Katherine Grayson (Lisa Arnold) is dealing with not only their father’s impending death, but her daughter’s relationship with a rebel who drinks a lot and smokes marijuana. A tragedy occurs and only God’s voice can bring healing to the family.

Despite working with a limited budget, the filmmakers have produced a thought-provoking story which will touch hearts and lives. Themes of overcoming pain and displaying forgiveness are shown. We gladly award the movie our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal. This DVD will make you think of the “voices” which have touched your life.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Young couple kiss a few times; it is intimated a man has several women in his life but he changes for the better; an innuendo; a girl uses an EPT to check to see if she is pregnant or not.
Language: None
Violence: A young man and older man have a skirmish and a few punches are thrown; a mother and daughter have some heated arguments and a boss yells at his secretary.
Drugs: Talk of cocktails; beer drinking; man has a drink at bar; young man has beer bottles strewn around in his home and a bag of marijuana is seen but he later gives his life to the Lord.
Nudity: Cleavage.
Other: Death and grief are themes; man missed more of his father's attention when he grew up; a man calls his sister a "Bible thumper" in a teasing way; reading of scripture and prayer; man increases a woman's home insurance when she asks for help in lowering it but he changes and helps her later on; a young man is arrested.


Company: Digal Creations 4 U, LLC
Writer: Beth Joiner
Director: Beth Joiner
Producer: Stephen Syfrett
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 85 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter