Chinas Confession

DVD Release: September 1, 2010
Chinas Confession


Below is a brief summary:

1. The Root — Gives an account of the long forgotten, devout traditions and legends of the first 2500 years in Chinese history.

2. Rebellion– Gives an account of the unimaginable, historical evolution of ancient China.

3. The Fall– Represents the tragic destiny of the self-inflicted misery and exploitation of China in the following 2500 years of its history.

4. Light of Tao–Shows the Chinese painstakingly attempting to reach salvation through human efforts, and the glorious light of heavenly Dao. (Truth)

5. Heaven in the West–Portrays the early, valuable contacts between China and the West as well as the spiritual communication.

6. Fire Phoenix–Reveals the bewilderment, struggle and difficult search for China’s direction since the Opium War.

7. Sky Blue–Represents the bitter lessons of the past fifty years, the hidden crisis of today and the solutions for tomorrow.

The complete edition of China’s Confession was produced in 2000 and it became an immediate sensation among Chinese on both sides of the Pacific Ocean.

Dove Review

The Chinese call their land “The Land of God.” This documentary is an enlightening inside look into China and how that progress is being made to live up to that phrase, but how it has not always been so. We see a totalitarian government which denied God’s existence and treated rebels in the land with torture and death. We see fires burning, a man hit in the face with a strap, corpses lying on the ground and skulls, the ultimate symbol of death. Yet, by this film’s conclusion, we see church services and worship of God and many converts to Christianity and a healing of sorts in the land.

Due to a few of the violent moments, which are not gratuitous, we are awarding our Dove Seal to this DVD for ages twelve plus. It is powerful, and moving, and mentions there being tens of millions of Christians now in China. It leaves the viewer with hope for the future.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: A man says he screamed during castration; the military is seen advancing; fires and burnings; a civil war battle; a man is hit in the face with a strap; guns and spears are seen; corpses lying on the ground in a few brief scenes; some skulls are seen; a recreation of some people killed in battle; cannons fired from ships; man's bloody belly is briefly seen; crucifixion painting and live recreation of crucifixion of Christ.
Drugs: None
Nudity: There is a painting of Eve from the Bible and her breasts are seen but not in a sensuous way.
Other: A few other religions are mentioned and the theory of evolution; church services are seen and comments are made about man being a spiritual creature.


Company: China Soul for Christ Fdt.
Genre: Religion
Runtime: 90 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter