I Want Your Money

Theatrical Release: October 15, 2010
DVD Release: May 17, 2011
I Want Your Money


Two versions of the American dream now stand in sharp contrast. One views the money you earned as yours and best allocated by you; the other believes that an elite in Washington knows best how to allocate your wealth. One champions the traditional American dream, which has played out millions of times through generations of Americans, of improving one’s lot in life and even daring to dream and build big. The other holds that there is no end to the “good” the government can do by taking and spending other peoples’ money in an ever-burgeoning list of programs. The documentary film I Want Your Money exposes the high cost in lost freedom and in lost opportunity to support a Leviathan-like bureaucratic state

Dove Review

Smart, Funny, and Enlightening! This documentary uses a great deal of satire as caricatures of several political figures are used to teach the viewers about how our government’s tax and spending policies have shaped our country’s current financial situation. Also included are several current political figures who discuss ways to change today’s course, and attempt to show how improvements can be made.

One should note that of all the political figures parodied; only Ronald Regan comes off as a believable and intelligent adviser. All others are made fun of in various, non-flattering ways. That said, this film is awarded our Dove “Family-Approved” seal for ages 12+.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: An animated Bill Clinton acts inappropriately toward woman multiple times.
Language: D-1; Butt-1; "BS-Meter"
Violence: In a reoccurring animated parody of various political figures Hillary Clinton slaps Bill multiple times
Drugs: An animated Barrack Obama smokes; An animated Bill Clinton says "I never inhaled" to which an animated Arnold Schwarzenegger says "I've inhaled and exhaled everything"
Nudity: Several shirtless men in animated sketches
Other: Political parody and satire involving many key governmental figures.


Company: RG Entertainment
Director: Ray Griggs
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 92 min.
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe